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Peak Inflation? Are We There Yet and What Does It Mean?

Released on Thursday, April 7, 2022STOCKS
The economic recovery post Covid-19 lockdowns has been unbalanced. Some countries are bouncing back stronger, others are lagging. The mismatch created supply chain disruptions on a wide scale, exposing some of the perils of globalization. Its pushing prices up opening the door to inflation not seen since the 80s. And with geo-political tensions still brewing over Ukraine and economic sanctions lingering, inflation could run rampant. Price action on gold and the US dollar are confirming a flight to safety continues to develop. Gold's recent break-out above the 2021 highs at $1,925 is proof. In his presentation, Omar will share his valuable charts, analysis and insights with references, ratios and correlations that have been proven and tested for over 50 years. He will also show you his winning stock picks and trades, and the investment philosophy that has allowed his portfolio to gain double digit returns consistently, year after year, for over 20 years.

Omar Ayales
Gold Charts R Us, Editor

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