Market Timing for the Active Trader

Omar Ayales, Gold Charts R Us, Editor

Managing and trading your own account can sometimes feel like a daunting task. And even though it only requires a few clicks to buy or sell, successful trading is much more than that. It requires discipline, patience, and understanding the language of the markets. Omar Ayales, chief strategist and editor of Gold Charts R Us, will share the methodology he’s honed over the years to help subscribers profit from price movements in commodities, stocks, and bonds.


Course Content

2 Chapters • 2:09:57 Duration
  • Identifying and understanding primary macro trends
  • Researching and using fundamental analysis pick companies to invest in
  • Understanding technical analysis to know when to take profits or cut losses short
  • The different steps that could help you become a successful trader
  • How Omar builds his portfolios
  • What techniques he uses when trading

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Omar Ayales
Gold Charts R Us, Editor
Omar Ayales is the chief market strategist and trader at Gold Charts R Us, a weekly trading service that achieves gains by trading stocks, bonds, and commodities. Mr. Ayales is an active student of the market and uses correlated technical analysis to guide him through his winning trades. Gold Charts R Us has provided its members with cutting-edge technical insight allowing double- and triple-digit gains in trades, year after year, for over 20 years.

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