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Letters from Larry: U.S. and China Investment Strategy

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Larry Cheung, CFA is the founder of a leading Substack publication named Letters of Larry: U.S. and China Investment Strategy. He is also a Youtube creator with over 100,000+ followers and has a research focus on US and China macroeconomics, financial markets, and company-specific fundamental analysis. As a chartered financial analyst, he is passionate about helping his followers grow their wealth through long-term investing and thoughtful tactical trading. He can be found as @LarryCheungCFA on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Substack.


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Several major Big Tech companies are reporting this week. I believe that as long as they continue discussing “cost-cutting” initiatives and keep margins elevated, any big dips are likely to be bought. The strongest sector in the market is currently Semiconductors, viewed through the lens of the iShares PHLX SOX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX), writes Larry Cheung, founder of Letters from Larry.
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), a globally recognized leader in healthcare, presents a compelling value investment proposition due to its diversified presence across major healthcare industries. As the world's largest and most diverse healthcare firm, JNJ's operations span pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare products, counsels Larry Cheung, founder of Letters from Larry.
Oracle (ORCL) is a leader in on-premises relational database technologies and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. With its strong customer base and technological expertise, Oracle aims to capitalize on cloud opportunities and strategic partnerships, like with Microsoft, to bolster its position against giants like Amazon, suggests Larry Cheung, founder of Letters from Larry.
A recent hawkish speech by Fed Chairman Jay Powell sparked the first dip for risk sentiment after an eight-day win streak. Added to a softer-than-expected 30-year bond auction, it drove yields higher and applied pressure across nearly every sector, with the exception of semiconductors. Now, I want to share some brief thinking on related macro themed areas such as housing, inflation, and US-China geopolitics, writes Larry Cheung, founder of Letters from Larry.

Larry's Videos

In this webinar, Larry Cheung, CFA will discuss his outlook on both the S&P 500 and the Hang Seng Index, with a particular focus on companies that have high dependence on China's macroeconomic landscape. This means that key retail names within the SPX as well as Semiconductors will be in focus. The U.S. market is coming off one of the best years in the past decade while China's Hang Seng Index is the world's worst-performing market in all of 2023. Will these trends persist into 2024? We will discuss the fundamentals, valuation, and technical setup of both markets in this presentation.