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Buff Dormeier

Chief Technical Analyst,

Kingsview Partners

  • Named "Best in State Wealth Advisors" by Forbes
  • Charles H. Dow Award for Technical Research
  • Author of Investing with Volume Analysis

About Buff

Buff Dormeier, CMT™ is the chief technical analyst of Kingsview Partners. He provides three important roles to Kingview's clientele that of financial advisor, analyst, and portfolio manager. Armed with proprietary indicators and investment programs, Mr. Dormeier dynamically advises financial advisors, RIAs, as well as affluent and institutional clientele on strategies to help meet their specific investment objectives in uncertain investment climates.

Buff's Articles

For the first full weekly session after a two-week hiatus, capital flows remained subdued despite the S&P 500 (SPX) reaching new 52-week highs, explains Buff Dormeier of Kingsview Partners.
Although the markets experienced a volatile Independence Day downside week, the technical damage appeared to be only modest at worst, explains Buff Dormeier of Kingsview Partners.
This past week the generals (NDX 100) continued to advance (up 0.1%), whereas the troops (Russell 2000) continued their retreat (down -0.43%), explains Buff Dormeier of Kingsview Partners.
This week, economic and market news was projected to be bad, and the results came in even worse than projections, explains Buff Dormeier of Kingsview Partners.

Buff's Videos

In this session, we will discuss charitable giving strategies to increase the after-tax returns of the affluent. We will illustrate strategies that exchange capital gain taxes for a lifetime income. And perhaps simultaneously, flip taxable retirement accounts into lifetime tax-free withdrawals. Finally, disclose the back door to federal estate tax exemption limits. If you prefer your wealth go to your own charitable causes rather than the government while also keeping more for yourself and your estate, this is a must-see presentation.

If price is the market's testimony, then volume must be the market's polygraph. More than any other indicator, volume unveils the real force and extent of investors' convictions about present prices. In this presentation, Award-winning technical analyst and author, Buff Dormeier, reveals how volume validates, interprets, and leads price. With volume analysis, you'll learn to uncover surprising shifts in investor enthusiasm, identify disparities in market opinion, and sniff out coming trend reversals.

Buff's Books

Buff Dormeier

Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends

Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends presents an enlightened perspective on the role of volume, not only in pragmatic terms but also in terms of apprehending the underlying rationale of how and why.
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