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  • Author of Way of the Trader (published in US, UK, India, & China)

About Ian

Ian Murphy is a full-time trader offering education, analysis, and tools to international equity and futures traders. He trades his own account using trend-following, swing-trading and day-trading strategies. Mr. Murphy is the author of Way of the Trader - A Complete Guide to the Art of Financial Trading which has been published in the US, UK, India, and China.

Ian's Articles

Throughout May the US equity market made a valiant attempt to break out of the bearish trend which began in 2022, and in the process, individual stocks are starting to swing to the upside, states Ian Murphy of
Dave C. has asked how I estimated we would break even on the latest Help Strategy trade as he is recording a small loss, states Ian Murphy of
There is an assumption among market participants that US budget negotiations and the related debt ceiling deadline will be resolved at the last minute, states Ian Murphy of
Over ¾ of firms in the S&P 500 (SPX) have opened their books by now and according to Refinitiv 77% came in above expectations, 18% fell short and 5% were level, states Ian Murphy of

Ian's Videos

Investors and traders can easily find opportunities in the stock market, but we struggle when it comes to managing our positions and knowing when it's time to get out, or when to hang in for the long haul. In this intensive 30-minute presentation, Ian Murphy will demonstrate with the aid of real-life examples how to identify when we have overstayed our welcome in a stock and it's time to exit. He will also reveal how to tell if we have a keeper on our hands, and we should commit to a long-term relationship. As usual, Mr. Murphy will deliver the class with his characteristic pithy and accessible style which will be followed by a Q&A session.

We trade the markets in hopes for profits, but the reality for inexperienced traders can be very different. Most of the time profits are there for the taking, but beginners allow gains to slip through their fingers, or grab too little too early. This leads to a downward spiral of frustration and confusion as money flows out of their account. In this presentation Ian Murphy will provide practical solutions to these difficult challenges by sharing powerful technical indicators which monetize market moves and take timely profits at appropriate levels.

US stocks spent 2022 in a bearish trend and investors are nursing painful losses, meanwhile, the real economy is flirting with a recession as the Fed continues to hike interest rates. Ideal conditions are now in place for a bottom to form in stocks and a recovery to begin in 2023 but how will we know when the bottom is in?

In this compact presentation, Ian Murphy will share his favorite technical tools which nailed market bottoms in the past and will no doubt identify the best time to buy in the year ahead. With the aid of his personal charts, Ian will demonstrate the patterns to look for and how to monetize the coming trend change. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

It is only when we come face-to-face with the real-life challenges the market presents that we truly appreciate how difficult trading can be. A good strategy will put us in the right place at the right time, but if we are unable to enter, manage, and exit our positions correctly, things can go south very quickly.

In this presentation, Ian Murphy will reveal what he learned from recent daily swing trades using live examples from his own account—with some surprising results!

Ian's Books

Ian Murphy

Way of the Trader: A complete guide to the art of financial trading

Way of the Trader offers a fresh perspective on a mysterious art - trading the financial markets. Over 15 compelling chapters, Ian Murphy unpacks the world of a private trader, providing a wealth of practical tools for those wishing to make a living from the markets.