Practical Tools for Profitable Trading: How to Stay Out of Trouble and Get into Profit

Ian Murphy, Murphy Financial Trading, Founder

A successful day’s trading is not about being lucky, it’s about consistently placing money in setups where profitable opportunities are known to arise. Full-time trader and founder of Murphy Financial Trading, Ian Murphy will share some of the powerful techniques he uses daily to leverage market opportunities in a way that is useful for retail and part-time traders. He will also review recent trades based on the material covered and focus on stocks that are currently setting up as likely trading candidates.


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4 Chapters • 2:01:14 Duration
We should never enter the market unprepared, and in this session, Ian introduces a comprehensive, but compact pre-trading checklist, which prepares stock traders for the day ahead in areas such as psychology, technical analysis, and risk management.
When plying our trade in an unforgiving arena we need to know we can rely on our teammates. By filtering the stocks we trade using freely available scanners we can build a watchlist of the best performers and eliminate the ones likely to cause trouble down the road.
Once our watchlist is in place we should use a screening tool, which cycles through the list repeatedly looking for opportunities. In this way, rather than going into the market everyday looking for something to trade, we are presented with a list of candidates, which exhibit the traits we require.
As a professional trader, Ian believes trading tools are pointless unless we can use them to grow the balance in our trading account. In this final session, Ian will discuss positions, which were opened using the tools shared previously and he will also look at some trades happening live by sharing his trading screens.

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Ian Murphy
Murphy Financial Trading, Founder

Ian Murphy is a full-time trader offering education, analysis, and tools to international equity and futures traders. He trades his own account using trend-following, swing trading, and day trading strategies. He is the author of Way of the Trader—A Complete Guide to the Art of Financial Trading, which has been published in the US, UK, India, and China.

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