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Brien Lundin is executive editor of Gold Newsletter and host of the famed New Orleans Investment Conference. He draws on four decades of experience in investment analysis and publishing to deliver uniquely profitable advice to his readers. For 50 years, Gold Newsletter has provided serious investors with a behind-the-scenes view into the precious metals and resource stock markets, and consistently led its readers to profits of a degree rarely found elsewhere.

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Contango Ore (CTGO) is a new recommendation; the company is a gold developer in Alaska with a game-changing strategy via a unique joint venture partnership with Kinross Gold (KGC) called Peak Gold, notes Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter— and a participant in The MoneyShow Las Vegas on May 9-11.
The Fed’s first post-2008 rate hike in December 2015 marked the very bottom of the gold bear market. It’s been a halting ascent out of a rounding bottom since then, but there’s no doubt that the bear market ended almost exactly then, notes resources sector specialist Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter.
Great Bear Resources (Vancouver: GBR) (OTC: GTBAF) — and its shareholders — benefited from the combination of an analyst site visit and a great news release in quick succession, notes Brien Lundin, mining sector specialist and editor of Gold Newsletter.
While it can be disconcerting to investors, it’s not unusual to see gold muddle about as it transitions from the summer doldrums to the often-stronger fall season, notes Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter — and a participant at the MoneyShow Last Vegas, Sept. 12-14. Learn more here.

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Global macro-economics, war, and COVID spawned supply disruptions have transformed the landscape for metals and all commodities. Here's how to make sense of it all, and profit from this powerful trend.
Here's why the gold bull market is going to hit a second gear soon, and what you need to do about it. Outside of geopolitical factors, very powerful macro and monetary drivers make much higher gold prices inevitable. The turning point also appears to be imminent, thanks to strict limitations on what the Fed can do to fight inflation. You'll discover the two most pressing issues that will make the Fed turn back from its tightening, and how to capitalize on the higher gold prices that will result.

The specter of inflation is all over the news and at the forefront of investors' minds. Of course, with raw materials prices soaring and deficit spending and monetary expansion going where no man (or FED) has gone before, inflation is a real concern. Our expert panel will tackle the tough question on everyone's mind: When will gold, silver, and mining stocks answer the call to fight these inflationary pressures, and what will that look like when they do?
Key drivers that virtually guarantee far higher gold prices are about to hit the economy and the markets. Join Brien Lundin, executive editor of Gold Newsletter, and discover which factors will send gold, silver, and mining stocks upward, and specific strategies and picks to profit from the moves.

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