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Multi-Sector Bond Bets

For nearly three decades, bond investors have enjoyed the tailwind of falling interest rates, driving a historic bull market in bond prices, observes…


How Many Trades Do You Find Each Day?

Tickers: HD

Veteran trader Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital shares a question-and-answer between him and a trader about how many trades to make—on…


Mastercard: Charging Ahead

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In the last four decades, people and businesses worldwide have transformed how they pay for goods and services; the rise of electronic payments…


Sell the Rumor and Buy the News?

Tickers: SPY, DIA, QQQ

With Wednesday’s close, though the major averages did close higher, they gave up much of their post FOMC meeting gains, so MoneyShow’s Tom…


Japan: Four Plays on a Rising Sun

Tickers: JBLU

Japan’s government has certainly tried just about everything in recent years to get their economy going again. In the meantime, Japanese stocks…


Seeking Balance at Fidelity

Conventional balanced funds devote the vast majority of their assets to just two types of investments: US equities and US investment-grade bonds,…