Stoyan Bojinov, contributor to, lists seven leveraged ETFs that should be on day traders' radar screens.

The proliferation of exchange-traded products has opened up the investing landscape to participants of all styles and experience levels. Virtually anyone with a personal brokerage account can now tap into any number of global asset classes; whether its domestic or foreign stocks, commodities, or bonds, there's more than likely several ETFs covering the space. While many utilize ETFs as core building blocks in their portfolios thanks to the transparency and cost-efficiency benefits associated with the product wrapper, these instruments have also been embraced by active trader.

Day traders who value liquidity above all else have come to take advantage of ETFs as part of their strategy; these tools make it easy to move in and out of tactical, short-term positions across virtually any asset class. Leveraged ETFs in particular have caught the eye of seasoned investors who have learned to take advantage of these extremely powerful instruments. With innovation also comes complexity, however, and leveraged ETFs have gotten their fair share of bad-mouthing on Wall Street as many have been burned by these sophisticated products.

The bottom line is that leveraged ETFs are appropriate for seasoned traders with shorter-term objectives. Leveraged ETFs can rake in monster gains if used correctly, although a thorough look under the hood is a must for anyone interested in these products; for those more familiar with the nuances associated with these tools, leveraged ETFs offer unparalleled opportunities.

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Tickers Mentioned: Tickers: TZA, SDS, FAZ, TVIX, TBT