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Feb. 17 19, 2013
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This Week's Lesson: Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Catch Major Trends with Monthly Charts

Using reference points from monthly charts, traders can identify more effective stop levels and stay with major trend moves much longer, thus increasing their profits, according to technician Tom Aspray.

In over 30 years of looking at charts of stock and commodity market indices, I have often been struck in hindsight by the lengthy trending periods that are evident in some markets. Over the years, I have sought to improve not only in identifying the market turns, but also improving my ability to catch larger portions of these trends.

From my own experience and the observations of others, there seems to be a familiar pattern. An investor or trader will often catch the start of a good market trend and may capture most of the first major market swing. However, once the market has a significant correction, they will often lose interest or move on to another market. Therefore, they will often miss the next major part of the trend, which is often even larger than the first.



Where Should You Place Your Stops? TIPS FOR TRADERS
While nobody knows for sure exactly where stops are located, Michael Seery, of, explains why he believes identifying where stops generally exist is important, since placing a correct stop loss will improve your trading tremendously over the course of time.

Thomas Aspray
Avoiding Those Costly Impulsive Trades Trading Lesson
By combining two proven momentum indicators, Starc bands and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), traders can gain invaluable confirmation that can help prevent those dreaded, impulsive losing trades, according to technician Tom Aspray.

The Path of Analysis VIDEO NETWORK
Over the years, the goal of John Bollinger's research is to add new tools for traders and he discusses some of the recent additions to his library of tools.

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