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Cummins: Boring Is the New Sexy

Tickers: CMI

Most of the TV chatter devoted to stocks swirls around hot trends and new devices—all without the faintest hint of earnings or dividends,…


Delta and the Moneyness of Options

Alan Ellman, of, explains the ins and outs of one of the most important Greeks when it comes to options; delta. Not only…


New Era at NuStar

Tickers: NS, NSH

This new buy recommendation capitalizes on an expanding midstream footprint in the fast-developing Eagle Ford shale in Texas and a vast network…


Trading Trends for Profits

Frank Kollar, of, offers an in-depth look into each step to make when trying to time a trend and explains why, in his opinion, successful…


Four Vulnerable Income Stocks

Tickers: EQR, KIM, PNW, MO

With the continued fear over higher yields, MoneyShow's Tom Aspray takes a technical look at four income stocks that look especially vulnerable…


Take Off with JETS

Tickers: JETS

Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors, discusses the outlook for the airline sector and his newly launched ETF, the only exchange-traded fund…


Hennessy Gas: 5-Star Utility Play

Tickers: GASFX

The five-star rated gas utility fund has outperformed its peer group in the past year; in fact, its long-term record remains top-notch, explains…


FedEx: Will Acquisitions Deliver Growth?

Tickers: FDX

More businesses are relying on just-in-time delivery to cut their costs and speed up manufacturing. At the same time, online shopping is growing…


Writing Covered Calls on Dividend Stocks

Tickers: VZ

Elvis Picardo of outlines the pluses and minuses of writing calls on high dividend-paying stocks. Though it could boost portfolio…