When worldwide markets shift dramatically, it is essential that you have the tools and products necessary to help you quickly position your portfolio for safety in tough times and growth in good times. The Traders Expo provides you with the most efficient way to get hands-on experience with the latest tools available in the industry today. You’ll have the opportunity to comparison-shop and meet with representatives from leading financial products-and-services companies whose advice could make a tremendous impact on your investing and trading success.

  • Exhibit Hall Grand Opening and Welcoming Reception

    Get a first-hand look at the wide range of products and services on display in the state-of-the-art Exhibit Hall. Inside, you will find product debuts, exclusive deals, and direct access to the best traders, tools, and software available today. This is also your perfect opportunity to join fellow traders, speakers, and exhibitors for a casual gathering in the Exhibit Hall.

  • Crack the Safe to Win $50,000!

    Collect entry tickets from various exhibitors and take them to the MoneyShow.com booth for a chance to open a safe containing $50,000! Collect as many tickets as you want for multiple chances to win.

  • Bookstores with McGraw Hill and Wiley

    Looking for materials to take with you that will give you the trading edge you have been looking for? The Bookstores are the perfect opportunity to pick up the latest and most popular trading publications including newsletters, research reports, and magazines worth hundreds of dollars!

  • The Bull Pen

    This "open air" stage provides you with the opportunity to check out the latest tools and services being launched by speakers, exhibitors, and media partners. It also gives you another opportunity to hear from the experts and ask them your specific trading questions. Presentations run consistently during Exhibit Hall hours so make your plans to attend many of these special stage presentations.


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