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GM and UPS: Green Initiatives

Tickers: GM, UPS

Sustainability is a hot topic in the corporate world. It is also an important focus in the broad transportation industry, asserts S&P Global Market…


Gentex: High Velocity Potential

Tickers: GNTX

The markets are once again flirting with new, all-time highs and that's got a lot of folks on edge. Many are wondering if they should put new money…


Alphabet Spells Potential

Tickers: GOOGL

Unlike many companies, this recommended tech stock shows little concern about massaging investor expectations. It declines to offer a formal profit…


Argus Research Eyes Insider Trends

Tickers: DAL, BAC, CAT

With major market indices flirting with all-time highs, insider sentiment remains cautious, explains Stephen Biggar, director of product strategy…


Value Plays: Grocers & Coffeeshops

Tickers: KR, SBUX

The Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor — as its names implies — focuses on fundamentally undervalued stocks based on a classic, time-tested methodology.…


Clean Up with ABM

Tickers: ABM

Our latest recommendation is a low-profile small-cap stock with steady performance and plenty of upside potential, asserts Nicholas Vardy, editor…


Investing in Post-Brexit Europe

Tickers: DBUK, ING

By and large, equity indexes have treated the UK’s vote to exit the EU as a non-event; however, investors should remain cautious and allocate their…


Defense Stocks: A "Lay-Up"

Tickers: LMT, OSIS

Rising global terrorism is adding to growing tensions between nations to create a lay-up shot for major defense companies, explains Jim Powell,…


"Dull" Stocks and the Path to Profits

Tickers: MGA

Some say the market is overvalued and is about to have a major correction; others say that this indicates momentum and the market will keep rising.…