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Correction? Signs to Watch

Tickers: SPY, IWM, KRE

I believe that a correction (greater than 10% loss) will come in due time. However, due to excessive bearish calls at this time, an equity sell-off…


1-Month Return Potential

Tickers: QQQ

The staff at Stock Barometer discusses the market’s potential 1-month return based on the action of the barometer last Friday…


A Reservoir of Value?

Tickers: RMC

Significant news has come from one of our best-performing stocks-a miner which has announced a plan to drill some of its 100%-owned land near to…


Medidata: Streamlining Clinical Trials

Tickers: MDSO

This featured recommendation focuses on a niche market, providing applications that manage all aspects of heavily regulated clinical trials in…


Will Biotech ETFs Continue to Soar?

After the four major biotech ETFs had a big week, questions about profit-taking and risk aversion lie ahead, notes John Burke


Four “Unique” Funds from Fidelity

In his latest Fidelity Investor, fund expert Jim Lowell looks at a number of buy-rated funds that would qualify as having unique…


GlaxoSmithKline: A Pharma Favorite

Tickers: GSK

Barring discovery of the Fountain of Youth, demand for healthcare is growing around the world as populations age in developed countries and as…