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Why Most Option Traders Lose

A common mistake that plagues many option traders is choosing “lottery-ticket” options that have big potential payouts, but minimal chance of success.…


Whirlpool: Spinning Gains?

Tickers: WHR

This new value-oriented buy recommendation is the largest maker of home appliances in the world; its products include laundry appliances, refrigerators…


What Really Drives Price Action

Bradley W. Gareiss of explains the forces at work in price movement, and his preferred way of monitoring it.


Tableau: Visual Analytics

Tickers: DATA

Analytics will be one of the main growth areas in software next year. As more organizations realize the power of their data, they are increasingly…


Tax Selling Bounce Bets

Tickers: TRP, KMI, PG, AA, DE

Yearend tax selling can create opportunities for long-term investors to buy quality stocks at discount prices, suggests Jim Powell, editor of Global…


Stack on Stocks: Patterns and Profits

Tickers: SPX

There are many adages on Wall Street that have been around for years and periodically capture media headlines. Yet in application, they're more…


PepsiCo Still Has Pop

Tickers: PEP

Our latest featured recommendation is in the sweet spot right now when it comes to investor sentiment—a company that turns in decent earnings,…


Choose the Right Option Each Time

Option writers must select the most favorable expiration date in order to maximize the amount of premium they receive. Here are the key factors…