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A Golden Strategy

Tickers: OUNZ, GLD, CEF, GDX

Gold has taken a tremendous beating in recent weeks and is now tumbling along at four-year lows, explains Keith Fitz-Gerald in…


5 Options Pitfalls to Avoid

Veteran options trader Steve Smith of identifies the most common mistakes that options traders need to know about…


Meat-and-Potatoes Banking Buys

With an improving US economy and the strong likelihood that interest rates will creep higher over the next year, it’s a good environment for banks,…


Was the ECB Rally a False Breakout?

Tickers: SPY, QQQ, IWM

The market is now wondering whether Tuesday’s sharply higher close in reaction to good news from the EuroZone was a fake out, and MoneyShow’s Tom…


Pacific Rim Picks: Ahead of the Trends

Labor costs in China have been rising rapidly. Plus, the cost of land and building factories in China has also been soaring. That’s bad news for…


Alternative Energy ETF for 2015

Tickers: TAN, GEX, NLR

So what energy stocks would I buy for next year? I think 2015 is going to be the year of renewables, especially solar, forecasts Nick Hodge


How to Trade Less and Make More

Constantly chasing market moves and switching positions from long to short is a fool’s game, says Hubert Senters, who shows…