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Nucor: Solid Outlook in Steel

Tickers: NUE

Our latest featured recommendation is the single-largest steel producer in the United States; it is also the largest “mini-mill” steelmaker and…


Collars Offer Flexible Protection

ADVERTORIAL - By using strategies like the “collar,” investors have a solution for market risk that can provide best of both worlds - protection…


Infrastructure: Political Promises

Tickers: UTF

Despite conventional wisdom that investors should be wary of going long in the stock market in August, the markets all notching almost daily record…


Intercontinental Exchange: A "Split" on ICE

Tickers: ICE

In developing his model portfolio, Neil Macneale selects only one stock a month — and each stock is chosen exclusively from among those that have…


Value Expert's "Beaten Down" Bets

Tickers: AGU, ESL, LXFT

Peter Mantas, chief investment officer at Logos LP has a value-oriented philosophy often focused on out-of-favor investment ideas. Here, he discusses…


Four Plays from the Venerable Dow

Tickers: CAT, MMM, NKE, MCD

Sometimes it pays not to overlook the obvious. The venerable Dow Jones Industrial Average may seem simply too familiar to offer much of interest,…


Bristol-Myers: Setback Creates Opportunity

Tickers: BMY

This featured recommendation is pioneering innovative medicines in the area of immuno-oncology, which unlock the body’s own immune system to battle…


Cray: A Resurgence in Supercomputers

Tickers: CRAY

The first supercomputers of the 1970s — running a billion operations per second — monitored national security and researched nuclear energy. Current…