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Two Funds for a Retirement Paycheck

Tickers: UTF, INB

Investors know they can't generate sufficient income from a traditional portfolio of CDs, bonds, and market markets; the yields are too low, notes…


Anatomy of a Trade—CVS

Tickers: CVS

Greg Harmon, of Dragonfly Capital, cites an example of a recent stock he added to client accounts with a twist. As a long-term position, he protected…


Crown Castle: Cell Towers Drive Income

Tickers: CCI

Real Estate Investment Trusts are a popular investment choice for investors seeking a steady income stream, suggests Harry Domash, editor of Dividend…


Bill Ackman Eyes Valeant

Tickers: VRX

In a recent speech at the 20th annual Sohn Investment Conference, Bill Ackman caught my attention when he discussed a Canadian pharmaceutical company…


Is the Fed Bluffing with Rate Hike?

OANDA senior currency strategist Alfonso Esparza highlights the comments recently made by Peter Schiff on CNBC's "Trading Nation" and their implications…


Don't Fall for the Transports Trap

Tickers: DIA, IYT, OIH

A number of analysts are pointing to the failure of the Dow Transports to confirm the new highs in the Dow Industrials as a reason investors should…


How to Lock in an Exchange Rate

Tickers: FXE

By citing several examples for support, Elvis Picardo, of, discusses various methods available for locking in an exchange rate;…