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Oneok Partners: High Yield MLP

Tickers: OKS

Our latest featured buy recommendation is a large, financially stable MLP focused on the full spectrum of natural gas midstream services, explains…


Value at Valero?

Tickers: KMI, XOM, VLO

The market had been on a roll for over six years with no real corrections. Many investors now think the party is over, notes Jim Powell, editor…


Are We in a Bear Market?

Tickers: SPX, SPY

For the benefit of traders wondering what a bear market in financial markets means exactly, Adam Lemon, of, highlights the differences…


Internet Security Boosts Micro Trend

Tickers: TMICY

The most infuriating aspect of the Internet is its lack of security. All kinds of nefarious activity can hijack your personal computer and the…


Crude Realities: Capitulation?

Tickers: KMI, EPD, WMB

The price of crude oil traded to new lows based on growing concern about global growth prospects, coupled with new supply from Iran, suggests income…


Bank of America: Banking on Tailwinds

Tickers: BAC

We are increasing our exposure to the financial sector—one of the few areas of the market where I am still seeing some value—explains…


Volatility Index Is Kicking Up

Tickers: VIX

Given the rise of put protection and the increase of short-term fear, Bob Lang, of, thinks it makes sense the market would…