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New Portfolio Ideas for Every World Market

It takes keen knowledge and the right combination of gains, income, and capital preservation to build a successful portfolio, and there are always…


Global Winners and Losers

Tickers: EWC, EWA, EWZ, RSX

It’s interesting to see which global markets have been the strongest and which have been the weakest since last week’s low, so MoneyShow’s Tom…


Sweden: Europe's Best Yields

Tickers: EWD, SPX

People think of Sweden as a heavily Socialist country with very high taxes; but right now Sweden has the best “country yield”—the…


Hedgehog or a Fox?

The investment markets have changed dramatically in the past decade, notes Robert Carlson from Retirement Watch, so investors…


King Dollar: Vardy's View

Tickers: UUP

While the market has been tough for investors, there is one asset class that has rallied hard; the US dollar has been in a monster rally, reports…


ExxonMobil: Bottom-Fishing in Energy

Tickers: XOM

Oil prices have fallen 24% in the past four months, back to where prices were in 2011 and 2012, and energy stocks have followed suit; I think oil…


Let the Market Come Back to You

In today’s video, John Locke, of SMB Training Blog, takes a look at the market to help educate options traders about how to become…


Healthy Values: Baxter and Pfizer

Tickers: BAX, PFE

A long-term value investor, John Buckingham focuses on building a broadly diversified portfolio of quality stocks. Here, the editor…


Managing the Trade Process

In both trading and investing, having a disciplined strategy can make all the difference, so Jim Farrish, on Jim’s Notes, lays…


Big-Caps Bomb

Tickers: SPY, MCD, KO, IBM, BA

Big-cap stocks were in the news yesterday as several reported earnings disappointments, so MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray studies the…