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New Portfolio Ideas for Every World Market

It takes keen knowledge and the right combination of gains, income, and capital preservation to build a successful portfolio, and there are always…


Global Winners and Losers

Tickers: EWC, EWA, EWZ, RSX

It’s interesting to see which global markets have been the strongest and which have been the weakest since last week’s low, so MoneyShow’s Tom…


Sweden: Europe's Best Yields

Tickers: EWD, SPX

People think of Sweden as a heavily Socialist country with very high taxes; but right now Sweden has the best “country yield”—the…


Don't Reach for the Highest Yields

Many looking for yield search for the highest yielding investments but Retirement Watch’s Bob Carlson shares his reasons why this…


Hedgehog or a Fox?

The investment markets have changed dramatically in the past decade, notes Robert Carlson from Retirement Watch, so investors…


King Dollar: Vardy's View

Tickers: UUP

While the market has been tough for investors, there is one asset class that has rallied hard; the US dollar has been in a monster rally, reports…


ExxonMobil: Bottom-Fishing in Energy

Tickers: XOM

Oil prices have fallen 24% in the past four months, back to where prices were in 2011 and 2012, and energy stocks have followed suit; I think oil…


Let the Market Come Back to You

In today’s video, John Locke, of SMB Training Blog, takes a look at the market to help educate options traders about how to become…


Healthy Values: Baxter and Pfizer

Tickers: BAX, PFE

A long-term value investor, John Buckingham focuses on building a broadly diversified portfolio of quality stocks. Here, the editor…


Managing the Trade Process

In both trading and investing, having a disciplined strategy can make all the difference, so Jim Farrish, on Jim’s Notes, lays…