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Balanced Buys for Stable Growth

Tickers: KSU, DIS, JNJ, MSFT

Tom Sudyka, portfolio manager at the LK Balanced Fund, seeks stability and growth through a mix of bonds and quality stocks. Here,…


Technology Values

Tickers: MSFT, QCOM

Given reasonable valuations for the stocks we own, the improving economy and the accommodation of central bankers, we can’t help but remain enthusiastic…


USD Strength to Endure in 2015

Looking at most economic projections for 2015, not many see the US dollar as weakening, or at least not for any considerable length of time, so…


Franklin Resources: S&P Bets on BEN

Tickers: BEN

Our latest Focus Stock—which carries S&P Capital IQ’s highest investment recommendation of 5-Stars, or Strong Buy—is one of the largest…


When a Short Put Trade Goes Wrong

Tickers: SPY

Today, options instructor Russ Allen, of Online Trading Academy, breaks down contingent liability, the obligation to buy the underlying…


Orchid: Insider Eyes Paper Profits

Tickers: TIS

Here is a 5% yield situation, this one from a smaller company enjoying a nice uptick in growth while kicking out consistent dividends, explains…


15 Tips to Improve Your Trading

Frank Zorrilla of shares a list of fifteen tips to help the trader control his trading and why it is so important…


Bears Feel They Have a Free Run

For the week ahead, MoneyShow’s Jim Jubak wants you to take a look at the rout the oil plunge caused in the emerging markets to…