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A Golden Strategy

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Gold has taken a tremendous beating in recent weeks and is now tumbling along at four-year lows, explains Keith Fitz-Gerald in…


5 Options Pitfalls to Avoid

Veteran options trader Steve Smith of identifies the most common mistakes that options traders need to know about…


Meat-and-Potatoes Banking Buys

With an improving US economy and the strong likelihood that interest rates will creep higher over the next year, it’s a good environment for banks,…


Was the ECB Rally a False Breakout?

Tickers: SPY, QQQ, IWM

The market is now wondering whether Tuesday’s sharply higher close in reaction to good news from the EuroZone was a fake out, and MoneyShow’s Tom…


Pacific Rim Picks: Ahead of the Trends

Labor costs in China have been rising rapidly. Plus, the cost of land and building factories in China has also been soaring. That’s bad news for…