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Check in at Extended Stay

Our latest featured turnaround stock is one of the largest owner/operators of hotels in North America with 682 hotels offering 76,000 rooms, explains…


CVS: Safety, Growth, and Yield

Tickers: CVS

In the current market environment, we are focusing only on rock-solid dividend payers in the most conservative market sectors, explains Chloe Lutts…


Why Variable Annuities Are a No-no

ADVERTORIAL—For the benefit of anyone who has ever questioned the popularity of variable annuities, Phil Wasserman of American Tax & Annuity…


Seaspan: Shipping and Income

Tickers: SSW

Our latest featured recommendation—headquartered in Hong Kong—is a major containership operator with 85 ships on the water, which amounts…


Vanguard's Fixed Income Trio

It's tough to be a fixed income investor these days. On one hand, yields of the highest quality bonds are so low they are hardly worth the risk…


General Motors: A Prudent Pick

Tickers: GM

It has just been a little over five years since this company-the largest manufacturer of cars and trucks in the US-emerged from bankruptcy protection,…