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How to Trade Iron Condors (Part 2)

An iron condor can be designed to accommodate your risk tolerance and account objectives, but those adjustments will always have a tradeoff.…


Advantages Only Option Traders Have

More flexibility and precision execution are only two important advantages enjoyed by option traders as compared to equity traders who focus on…


The Seven Pillars of Forex Trading

I started the positive leg of my trading journey the minute I took my first trading class. Just like numerous other graduates of the trading school,…


What Does Dow Theory Say?

Tickers: SPX

After a major decline that ended in August, the Dow Industrials and Dow Transports staged sharp rallies into September, then retreated but held…


Nordic American: Tankers, Oil, and Storage

Tickers: NAT

The latest addition to the high yield tier of our model portfolio is an oil shipper benefiting from rising day rates for oil tankers; the company…


How to Trade Iron Condors (Part 1)

Tickers: SPY, GLD, IWM

There are more option strategies than option strategists, but at their heart, they are all modifications of basically two ideas: buying or selling…