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Buckle Up for Value & Yield

Tickers: BKE

Our research shows that companies with high insider ownership often also have conservative financial structures, pro-shareholder dividend policies,…


Momo: "Tinder of China"

Tickers: MOMO

This company, sometimes called the Tinder of China, provides a mobile networking platform that uses subscriber profiles to find other nearby subscribers…


Preferred Portfolio for "Juicy Yields"

Tickers: PGX

Juicy 5% to 7% yields are available from preferred stocks, the equity and fixed-income hybrids issued by corporations, mainly banks suggests Tim…


Compass: Insiders Point to Gains

Tickers: CODI

Our latest breakout stock — based in Westport, Ct. — is an investment firm with holdings in diversified firms in North America, explains Leo Fasciocco,…


Whirpool: Spinning Profits

Tickers: WHR

Stocks in our Growth & Income Portfolio have bullish charts, good projected earnings growth, dividends of 1.5% and higher, low-to-moderate P/Es,…


The Right REITs for Healthy Income

Chuck Carlson is a long-standing expert on dividend reinvestment plans. Here, the editor of DRIP Investor discusses the pros and cons of REITs…


Triple Play in Cybersecurity


The rise of cyber attacks, targeting not just social media accounts but banking and credit card data should alarm companies and individuals alike,…


11 Reasons to buy J&J

Tickers: JNJ

Our latest featured recommendation based on our data-driven system, is a healthcare firm founded in 1885, notes Nicholas Vardy, editor of Vardy's…


Altius: Royalties &Resources

Tickers: ALS

This recommended stock is a core holding in the resource space, a company that generates and acquires royalties, run by one of the shrewdest people…


The Next Big Cannabis IPO

The Canadian cannabis industry continues to be a top place to invest as medical cannabis is legal at the Federal level and here, you will hear…


Fear: A Healthy Sign for Stocks

Legendary investor Sir John Templeton summed up the life-cycle of market advances as follows: “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on skepticism,…