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American Capital: High Income REIT

Tickers: AGNC, AGNCB

Marvin Appel, income expert and editor of Systems & Forecasts, looks at a mortgage REIT for aggressive income investors; his stronger recommendation,…


Biogen: Patience Is Key

Tickers: BIIB

Novel drugs that disrupt the course of a disease require tremendous long-term planning, a great skill set, and shrewd willingness to weigh risks…


Dumb Money Piles into Silver

Tiho Brkan of provides a quick technical update in the metals space, with specific attention paid to the rapid price decent of…


How to Have More Courage

Charles Kirk, of The Kirk Report, emphasizes why courage and confidence are so crucial to trading and explains that a trader's ability to be courageous…


What's Next for Tech and Apple?

Tickers: XLK, AAPL

Since the technology stocks led the market higher last week, MoneyShow's Tom Aspray takes to the charts to determine what the technical studies…


TrimTabs Float Shrink: A Smart-Beta ETF

Tickers: TTFS

Traditional market-cap-weighted index funds provide investors exposure to the performance—or beta—of any market; but these funds have…


Dollars and Drought

Tickers: FIW, CGW, PIO, PHO, XYL

In California we are experiencing a severe drought that has been going on for nearly five long years; clearly, something dramatic has to happen…