Who We Are

For 40 years, MoneyShow has maintained market dominance in connecting self-directed investors and active traders with world-class financial experts. The very basis for MoneyShow’s existence is to deliver to this targeted audience truly elite-caliber advice, actionable recommendations, new opportunities, and profitable strategies from a wide network of knowledgeable, experienced experts.

A 40-Year Passion and History

MoneyShow has a long history of creating successful investors and traders through timely investing and trading education, delivered by powerful experts who are best-selling authors, market analysts, portfolio managers, award-winning financial journalists, and newsletter editors. With MoneyShow’s interactive environment, our audience of over one million passionate investors and traders are offered a unique format of live, interactive exchange, which generates unparalleled experience for both the expert and the investor and trader.

With constant network expansion, we continue to create broader distribution of our expert commentary through virtual events, face-to-face forums, social media, and in-depth courses that educate and guide qualified investors and traders to outperform the market. Each session energizes, empowers, and educates everyone who participates. The opportunity for learning and profit within this highly charged atmosphere draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, year after year.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dedicated to helping investors and traders invest smarter, trade wiser.

Kim Githler Photo
Kim Githler
Chair & CEO
Aaron West Photo
Aaron West
Johnny Antolak Photo
Johnny Antolak
Chief Technology Officer/Chief Operations Officer
Susan Mackey Photo
Susan Mackey
SVP, Finance & HR
Chantal Freedman Photo
Chantal Freedman
SVP, Publisher
Debbie Osborne Photo
Debbie Osborne
SVP, Content Director, Speaker & Media Relations
Dana Absher Photo
Dana Absher
VP, Show Operations
Marc Sproul Photo
Marc Sproul
VP, Digital Content, Data Analytics, & Exhibitor Relations
Mike Larson Photo
Mike Larson
VP, Editor-In-Chief
Mike Marino Photo
Mike Marino
VP, Sales & Business Development