This was my first time attending and I was impressed with the lineup of speakers. Many of the speakers I have heard before, but not all together with unfettered access. A job well done!!

Tommy Pietsch

Thank you very much for putting together such a great event: informative, educational, well-paced, centrally located, and even more... glass of wine at the end.

Tatiana Terekhova

 MoneyShow Toronto 2016 was an excellent tool for new investors wanting a good overview of investing, varying strategies and methods, access to assistance with trading, tracking, planning.

Carla Mills

Great introduction to investment. I'm a lot more confident at pursuing this. I have a three month full-time plan to learn paper trading. - Hannah Suarez Option presentations were solid. Tom Sosnoff was exceptional: informative, entertaining, engaging.

Matthew Todoruk

We enjoyed the money show Toronto. One always learns something or a different philosophy of investing.

Marlene Kalchos

I enjoy meeting people face-to-face that I listen to via the Internet.

Philip Cherino

I enjoy attending The MoneyShow. I have been going for about 20 years. I always learn new information and products which leads to better understanding and thinking regarding managing my portfolios.

Kim Turley

As a foreign issuer with an ADR listed on the NASDAQ for the past 20 years, we find The MoneyShow allows us a great venue to educate retail investors on how ADR's work and what purpose they can serve to diversify a portfolio. For the past seven years, I have participated in the different MoneyShows and find them to be an effective and efficient way to meet with retail investors via panel discussions and booth conversations.

Noah Weiss, Volvo

Royal Dutch Shell participates in the MoneyShow because it is the largest venue to reach out to retail investors who take an active role in making their investment decisions and it also allows our investors the opportunity to talk one-on-one with our investor relations department.

James Fraser, Royal Dutch Shell

MoneyShow is the only comprehensive event where the public can meet the professionals face-to-face and get the answers they want...unfiltered. In the computer age, we forget how important it is to see, shake hands, and be brought up-to-date regarding this unique industry; the MoneyShow does that. It's irreplaceable.

Noble DraKoln, author of Trade Like a Pro

We, (Gaggle Trade, LLC - a stock recommendation service) as a relatively new company, were rookies at the Trader Expo New York show in Feb. '17. It was a distinct pleasure working with staff and the support before, during and after the show was exceptional. The entire logistic was completely seamless. Big thanks to Aya, Mike, Chantal, Reggie and also it was great to meet extensively with the MoneyShow President, on-site at the show. The demographic of the attendees was remarkable, not just from a purchasing power perspective but very smart, informed and curious. (Obviously attributable to the marketing expertise of the MoneyShow) As such, we just didn't have to sell. We also learned a good deal from the attendee base with product tweak ideas, etc. Additionally, business alliances were formed in areas in which we operate outside of our specific showcased service. There was, however, one surprise: by day three after the final show day the event had paid for itself and by day for had became a profitable investment for us! An incredible and fun experience all around. We are a definite repeat.

Peter Krasnoff, Founder/Managing Partner - Gaggle Trade, LLC


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