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Stocks suffered a late-day slump yesterday, and they’re under a BIT of pressure in the early going today. Crude oil is also lower, failing to hold its post-OPEC+ meeting gains. The dollar is slightly higher along with gold and silver, while Treasuries are flat.
The debt ceiling agreement was approved, despite high-decibel dissentions. With this debate now sidelined until 2025, investors can redirect their attention to the upcoming June 13-14 FOMC meeting, notes Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research.
I recently sifted through many solar stocks looking for those that would benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act, which was left untouched by the debt ceiling negotiations. My favorite pick is Canadian Solar (CSIQ), writes Sean Brodrick, editor of Resource Trader.
Industries, and occasionally entire sectors, go in and out of favor. Right now, the regional banking sector is out of favor. But many regional banks have proven they can grow their dividend through difficult times for financials. One example is Cambridge Bancorp (CATC) with 24 consecutive years of dividend increases, highlights Ben Reynolds, editor of Sure Dividend.
The biggest news out last week was two FOMC members making their case for no hike in June. This language and timing is no accident. After 500 bps of 10 consecutive hikes, the effective Fed Funds rate is around 5.08%. We are at the cusp of a sea change, and the knock-on effects will be material, writes Tom Hayes, founder of Hedge Fund Tips.
Our team has identified five cutting-edge software investments to buy as technology rises again. The list features three funds, a cybersecurity company, and another primed to grow from artificial intelligence and automation. First Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index Fund (TDIV) is one of the diversified names, notes Paul Dykewicz, editor of
After a romp on Wall Street last Friday, stocks are subdued in the early going today. Treasuries, gold, and silver are flat, while the dollar is higher. Crude oil is the big story, up about 1.5% at last check.
The media's influence on sentiment is a constant frustration, states Bob Lang of
In today’s world, the art of trading has evolved to a whole new level, and trading in the markets has never been more competitive, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
A few years ago, I was studying the relationship between the major stock market indexes and their volatility indexes, and I came across an intriguing phenomenon, states Jesse Felder of

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In the stock market, they say timing is everything and it is. Attend this session and see how a totally new trade-timing methodology performed over the past 15 years in blind hypothetical trading. I'll show you the results and how this fascinating discovery performs! Bull years were great, but bear years were even better!

The Great Financial Crisis was more than a decade ago. Its aftermath has been a tale of low yields in the bond market for a very long time. But that's changed. As central banks respond to inflation with higher interest rates, they have created opportunities for higher yields in the bond market. Benjamin Chim, who leads the High Yield Fixed Income Team and is a portfolio manager responsible for active retail and institutional fixed income portfolios, believes interest rates may stay elevated for longer. And this makes it an opportune time for investors to diversify their portfolios and generate positive returns using fixed income investments.

The market continues to surge and pull back. We have not seen a prolonged bull market rally from the October lows. Greg Schnell rolls through the changes and identifies some of the key indicators that can help us find confirmation of the bull market taking hold. You'll want to add some of these ideas to your toolbox.

The next few months are going to be quite important in determining whether we have indeed begun a bear market that could last well over a decade long. Mike Golembesky will take you through what he is seeing in his analysis and will tell you what to look for and what to expect.

In this session, Laura Scarlett Martin will discuss the importance of venture capital in the startup ecosystem. Her presentation will include the definition of venture capital and an explanation of the processes and types. She will discuss the risks and rewards of venture capital investing and will touch on current trends and emerging technologies.

Options was initially designed as a conservative hedging tool. But over time, the market has evolved to become much faster and more volatile, and options are now being used by traders and hedge funds as their primary profit source. These pros know that in order to generate ROI aggressively, an options strategy must be able to anticipate stock moves before they happen, apply the right call/put combination to generate at least 100% ROI (double the investment) for each trade, and work consistently in both normal and volatile conditions. In this Keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will be demonstrating his top ROI options strategy that fits all criteria described above. This session is highly recommended for options traders.
Wealth building is generally considered to be the business of gathering assets that can provide an outsized return with a manageable risk. Increasing that return involves stretching the period of the investment or super-sizing the risk. But an often-neglected variable is the savings rate. What if there was an opportunity to free up and deploy significantly more capital for investment each month? In this session, Gordon draws on concepts from his book, Cashflow Cookbook, to show us exactly how to add a million (or more) to our retirement fund with minimal effort, minimal sacrifice, and no incremental risk.
Dr. Alan Ellman will share how to consistently beat the marketing using his CEO strategy: combining ETFs with stock options. You will learn about a user-friendly and time-efficient approach to covered call writing. His package offers the number of underlying securities considered is reduced from 8000 to 11, the number of available exit strategies is reduced from 14 to 4. Also included are 2 new spreadsheets that have been developed to facilitate portfolio construction and results with comparisons to the S&P 500. His packages are an appealing approach to option trading for those with busy schedules to still be in a position to generate cash flow and beat the market on a consistent basis.

Ardi Aaziznia will discuss three methods for hedging your portfolio against market volatility and potential downside. These methods include covered calls, protective puts, and collars, which are commonly used by institutions. Ardi will describe each method in an easy-to-follow manner that is accessible to traders of all levels, from novice to professional.

Mineras mine-building team has a long history of building successful gold mines focusing on lower capex builds. The Minera model delivers a foundation to take advantage of record gold prices while having a cost structure that can withstand lower commodity price environments.