It’s important to remember that big market moves often have little or nothing to do with the longer-term investment case for owning great stocks. So...own great stocks! Now, let’s talk about Tesla Inc. (TSLA), writes Keith Fitz-Gerald, editor of 5 With Fitz.

The numbers are out, and Tesla did, in fact, miss Q1 delivery expectations. So what. We knew that was coming. 

The company has been kicked in the chops globally. The Red Sea situation has created shipping diversions. There was an arson attack at the Gigafactory in Berlin. And the early Model 3 ramp up at Freemont. 

Tesla Inc. (TSLA)
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But did you see this?

First, Tesla deployed 4,053 MWh in energy storage products, the highest quarterly rollout yet. The media, of course, can’t be bothered. Too bad.

Tesla’s energy storage and generation revenues have more than tripled over the past few years. They will again. 

And second, Tesla holds gobs of cash, which means it’s got plenty of strength to navigate any short-term concerns or financial pressure. 

I know what I’ll be doing in the wake of the numbers. You? 

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