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08/08/2013 10:00 am EST


Doug Fabian

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I have found an exchange-traded fund that taps into a diverse group of emerging markets, notes Doug Fabian, editor of Making Money Alert.

This exchange-traded fund, the EGShares Technology GEMS ETF (QGEM), invests nearly 90% of its resources in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Chinese holdings lead the way at 49.15%, followed by Indian holdings at 29.01%. QGEM also invests 3.48% in Thailand, 2.88% in Chile, 2.64% in Indonesia, 2.28% in South Africa, and 1.50% in Turkey.

The emerging market index, which includes stocks from all of these countries, looks ripe for a recovery due to its abnormally low P/E ratio.

QGEM, on the other hand, already is nicely situated at a 16-to-1 P/E ratio, but this ETF has holdings in key countries that will benefit from such a rebound. QGEM should be well ahead of the emerging market surge.

QGEM has risen 26% during the last year through a wide variety of conditions. The fund also offers a 1.97% dividend yield.

International stocks form 96.9% of QGEM's portfolio. The top ten holdings, nine in developing economies and one in Russia, comprise 57.08% of the total assets of the fund.

The largest is Tencent Holdings, with 10.41% of the fund's assets, followed by Baidu, 7.95%, INFOSYS, 7.83%, TCS, 6.48%, NetEase, 4.62%, Lenovo, 4.55%, Sina, 4.24%, Wipro, 3.79%, Group GDR, 3.75%, and Shin Corporation Public Co. Ltd, 3.48%.

As indicated by the name of the ETF, these holdings primarily focus on one sector: technology. Indeed, 86.05% of QGEM's portfolio is invested in that sector, followed by 10.35% in communication services and 3.6% in industrials.

Considering that this concentration is spread across China, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia, Chile, the United States, Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa, and Poland, QGEM is an incredibly diverse investment. I encourage you to look into QGEM so you can profit as the emerging markets recover.

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