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Today is a “Day After the State of the Union” day and equities are mildly weaker. Meanwhile, Treasuries and the dollar are flat, while gold and silver are bit higher along with crude oil.

Speaking of the SOTU address, it went as most do. The President talked about a long list of accomplishments and potential measures, while the opposing party pushed back and jeered. Market reaction, as noted above, has been muted – in large part because there weren’t any huge, new, market-oriented proposals floated.

Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER) looks set to trade even higher after strong earnings. Many other technology stocks that got hammered in 2022 have also risen from the dead lately, including Meta Platforms Inc. (META). The latter is now up more than 53% year-to-date...but still down around 13% in the past 12 months.

On the M&A front, CVS Health Corp. (CVS) is buying Oak Street Health Inc. (OSH) for $10.6 billion to expand its direct healthcare business. But Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is facing pushback from U.K. regulators over its plan to buy gaming software company Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI) for $75 billion.