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05/09/2003 12:00 am EST


Fried, David"As of the close of trading on April 30th, our Buyback Premium Portfolio is up 73.97% (Since its inception in August 2, 2000) vs. a 36.23% decline in the S&P 500 over the same time frame," says stock buyback specialist David Fried, editor of The Buyback Letter. "We are now using our available cash from dividends to buy the following five stocks at limit prices indicated below or better: Waypoint Financial (WYPT NASDAQ) at $19.60; NVR Inc. (NVR NYSE) at $360.00; Kinder Morgan (KMI NYSE) at $46.94; Timberland (TBL NYSE) at $50.78; and Citrix Systems (CTXS NASDAQ) at $18.92."

Schaeffer, Bernie"I would not even begin to talk about a shift from bear to bull status for the Dow unless and until it clears its 80-month moving average (now about 9200), and the bull case would be much stronger if the 40-month were to be cleared as well (now at 9750)," says Bernie Schaeffer, editor of The Option Advisor. "I continue to be bullish on the Nasdaq Composite and the techs, and lukewarm at best on the Dow. I have strong doubts that the tech-driven rally I foresee will carry the Dow into bull territory, and at the same time I see the Dow as ultimately vulnerable to a major decline that would take out long standing support at 7000."

George, Neil

"Daily Planet, an Aussie company (ASX:DPL Australia) is a unique newcomer to the market," says Neil George, editor of "And, it might end up making a buck or two given its industry. Daily Planet is a brothel that's gone public. Just like in certain areas of the US, the world's oldest profession is legal in Australia, at least in certain zoned areas. The company has also made some splashes in the media by bringing in Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. But with recent deregulations in Australia--and a more mature outlook when it comes to advertising and marketing--Daily Planet might make it. Just think of those billboards--they'd make a Hooter's patron blush. And then there will be the merchandising, with T-shirts and such proliferating around the planet as Aussie teens traipse around on their famed walkabouts."

Dessauer, John"Scientific Atlanta (SFA NYSE) had a good third fiscal quarter; revenues, earnings, free cash flow, and return on capital all exceeded analysts' expectations," says John Dessauer, editor of Investor's World. "Free cash flow was more than $1.00 a share. Earnings this fiscal year (ending June 30) are estimated to total $0.73 a share. The current earnings estimate for the new fiscal year (starting July 1) is $1.20 a share. That is likely to be revised upwards. Scientific Atlanta is the leader in equipment for cable TV companies. The stock has been strong this year, up 33% by late-April. The solid gains are likely to continue for the next couple of years. My 12-month target is $30 or better. Scientific Atlanta is a buy."

Jubak, Jim"When I added shares of PepsiCo (PEP NYSE) to my buy list on April 15, I said the stock was cheap, if the company could deliver the 12% earnings per share growth that Wall Street expects for both 2003 and 2004," says Jim Jubak, senior markets editor for CNBC on MSN Money. "In its April 17 earnings report the company did a bit better than that producing a 13% gain in earnings for the quarter over the same period in 2002. Given the strength of its non-carbonated brands Gatorade and Aquafina, and the snack foods division's move into the fast-growing meal/snack category, I think that's a reasonable projection. As of April 18, I'm raising my price target $46. (Full disclosure: I own shares of PepsiCo.)

Cook, Mark"Bonds are in a twilight zone that is beyond rational assessment," says short-term trading expert Mark Cook, editor of the daily Cookfax e-mail report. "The dollar has gotten completely dashed in recent trading. This is a devastating development for interest rates and the bond prices.  However, someone forgot to tell the bonds. We are seeing the rubber band stretched to unbelievable levels. This topping pattern, when complete, should mark an excellent opportunity for a sharp decline. There is rampant insanity in the debt instruments. The short term instruments are in the negative column and the long term are significantly higher. This type of scenario can be very deadly and it shows that manipulation can be rampant and continued outside of equity markets. The contagion is spreading."

Pring, Martin "Silver price has experienced an approximate 62-month cycle over the course of the last 40 or so years," says Martin Pring, editor of Martin Pring's InterMarket Review. "It is fairly evident that we are very close, or may have just passed, such a low. Silver is in a strong position to experience a major bull market. The triggering point would be a break above the dashed trendline at $4.80. An even stronger signal would develop with a move above the solid line at $5.75. Needless to say, if the current cycle "works" silver is in the early stages of a major move that could well carry the price back to the $9.50 area. The silver market is not quite bullish but could be on the verge of a very major up move. Its progress deserves close monitoring."

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