Global Investing: Asia and More...

11/28/2003 12:00 am EST


This issue of the Digest focuses on global investing - from South America to Canada, the South Pacific to the Caribbean, and South Africa to Northern Europe. We start with Asia, a favorite region of several advisors from KCI Communications. (For more information on the editors cited below, please click on their photos.)

Mostrous, Yiannis"If there's one thing on which the entire editorial staff of Personal Finance agrees, it's that Asia is growing at an impressive pace - and will eventually alter the world economy, dramatically," says Yiannis Mostrous, who is also a contributing editor of Wall Street Winners and Trading Floor Pro. "Hence, we remain long-term bullish on the region. Investors should keep in mind that, as with any other investment, putting money in Asia is also risky. That said, one of our favorite ways to invest in the region is through the Matthews Asian Growth & Income  (MACSX)." 

Martchev, IvanPersonal Finance co-editor, Ivan Martchev, adds, "Matthews Asian Growth and Income has been a stellar performer this year - and has greatly outperformed US stock funds. It would be foolish not to expect any corrections in Asian markets between now and year-end given their stellar performance. But big corrections in Asia should be bought; several of the regional stock markets have outperformed impressively over the past two years despite problems on Wall Street. In fact, Matthews Asian Growth and Income's more defensive nature has allowed the fund to return 15.9% annually in the last three years while the S&P 500 is down an annualized 10.2% over the same period. Long-term investors in MACSX should continue to hold and add to positions on weakness, while new investors can start building a small position at this time and become more aggressive on any pullback."

Kleinman, GeorgeGeorge Kleinman is a contributing editor to several KCI newsletters, as well as his own, Trends in Futures. In a recent issue, he offers perhaps the most succinct explanation I've seen for the importance of considering the Asian region as a factor in our long-term investing decisions: He says, " I took a look at what I wore today. A baseball cap (made in China), a sweater (made in Hong Kong), jeans (made in Turkey), and casual shoes (made in China). Then, I took a look at some other products I used today. The alarm clock that wakes me was made in South Korea. The coffee maker was made in China. To ease the stress of trading, I play racquetball and my racquet along with the racquetballs were made in China. The Apple laptop I’m writing was made in Taiwan. My wife just bought a new Minolta digital camera - made in China. Our Sony TV was made in Malaysia, and the satellite receiver was made in China. You get the point…."

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