SARASOTA, Florida — January 10, 2023 – MONEYSHOW NEWSWIRE —MoneyShow today announced the launch of a newswire service to reach MoneyShow users online, as well as an audience of branded partner sites with potential reach of more than 100 million daily users.

As a recognized leader in the retail investor education industry, MoneyShow is once again blazing the trail for new and innovative communication tools and outreach through the placement of press releases on its own website and the syndication of press releases on AP News, Yahoo, the GoMedia Network, and the GoInvest Network.   

The MoneyShow Newswire service can be the primary wire service vendor for publicly traded companies and investor relations firms.  It can also serve as an enhancement to existing press release and content marketing relationships.   

Through its partnership with Rainmakr, MoneyShow is also guaranteeing actual readership of the press releases.  Clients can schedule a press release and select an option for a traffic campaign to drive 1,000 to 100,000 readers a day to that particular release.

The MoneyShow Newswire service is an enterprise-quality platform with security as a top priority.  The platform features blockchain technology to verify the publication and syndication of press releases with irrefutable proof of provenance and authorship.

The platform will be NCVP-compatible using the recommended SHA-256 one-way cryptographic hash function to identify the original instance of the press release and compare it to every distributed or shared instance of the press release.  After carefully considering various blockchain networks for reliability, sustainability, speed, and transaction price, as well as overall environmental impact, MoneyShow has chosen to post its hash declarations on the Peercoin blockchain.

“We identify a need in our industry for investor outreach and transparency,” said Mike Larson, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of MoneyShow. “After much research and development, we are excited to unveil a platform that will empower our clients while being aligned with our core values of integrity and responsible investing.”  

“MoneyShow is recognized for innovations in the trade show and digital marketing industries and has been a trusted brand in investor education for over 40 years,” added Aaron West, President of MoneyShow.

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