Austin, TX – August 4, 2023 – MoneyShow Newswire – Turner Capital Investments, LLC will sponsor the upcoming Investment Masters Symposium at the Las Vegas Paris Hotel in Las Vegas NV this coming August 8-10, 2023.

Mike Turner, President, will present the company’s breakthrough technical trading methodology designed to substantially grow higher net worth client capital in not only bull-trending markets, but even more so in bear-trending markets utilizing the company’s proprietary surrogate total market index and a multitude of technical indicators that provide amazingly accurate entry and exit dates for any market.

The methodology is called the Total Market Index Methodology and focuses on heavily traded 2x leveraged market indexes in bull markets and the inverse of those leveraged indexes in bear markets.

Turner Capital uses its proprietary algorithmic software, as well as its one-of-a-kind Total Market Index data, to make all investment decisions. These data are unique to the investing world, as it is composed of the trends of several major market indexes and along with highly sophisticated algorithmic software determine the beginning and end of well-defined major market trends.

When the technology identifies a well-defined bull trend, leveraged index ETFs are bought at the beginning of the trend and held until the technology indicates that the trend has ended.

When the technology identifies a well-defined bear trend, leveraged inverse index ETFs are bought at the beginning of the trend and held until the technology indicates that the trend has ended.

Additionally, Turner Capital provides investors with two lower risk alternatives. The first one is the Diversified Income Model (DI). DI is Turner Capital’s income generating model. It works by investing in ultra-high dividend yielding stocks to produce a portion of the desired income goal. The rest of the model invests in high quality, moderately high, dividend paying stocks. These stocks are used to generate income from dividends, as well as covered calls. Capital appreciation is not the focus of this investment strategy. The benefits of the DI model include the following.

  • Generates high levels of steady income.

  • Moderately low risk.

  • Great for investors with specific income goals.

The 3rd Turner Capital model is the Laddered Fixed Income (LFI) model. This is the lowest risk model that is provided. The objective of LFI is to generate an exceptionally low risk, steady source of income for investors with low risk tolerance. The model works by investing 1/6th of client capital into high quality government backed Treasury bills, or FDIC insured CDs with maturities of 6 months. This process is repeated every month to generate monthly income. The benefits of the LFI model include the following.

  • Active management.

  • Zero risk of principal loss.

  • Likely to keep pace with inflation.

  • Consistent income without the risk of equity markets.

As part of these three models (TMI, DI, and LFI), Turner Capital is also excited to announce a major partnership with Legacy Wealth Management. Many clients throughout the years have requested that Turner Capital provide a full platform of wealth services similar to those of a family office. That time has arrived. Over the next few months, Turner Capital will begin to implement groundbreaking strategies, including private marketplace investments, tax-savings strategies, and access to an elite financial team of advisors, CPAs, attorneys, and more. 

About Turner Capital Investments

Turner Capital is a fiduciary asset management firm, founded in 2007 by Mike Turner. Mike Turner’s background is engineering (Civil), computer science, and finance. He is the primary architect of the science, algorithms, and math behind the analytical software systems used at Turner Capital. He is a disciplined and formulaic trader who relies heavily upon these software systems. Mike is the author of the very popular books, “10-The Essential Rules for Beating the Market” and "Rule 1 of Investing".  Mike is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer to large financial groups nationwide.


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