Trading Bearish Sentiment on BP

06/08/2010 12:01 am EST


With the Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) downgrade of BP plc (NYSE: BP) Monday morning, it appears that the long-term sentiment on the oil giant’s fortunes continue to sour.

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For traders who want to position for BP’s prospects and costs from the Gulf disaster to get worse before they get better, selling an out-of-the-money bear call spread may offer an attractive risk-reward opportunity. This July strategy aims for a potential 35% return on risk to options expiration in 39 days, and has a breakeven of $41.30.

BP Credit Spread Trade Details

BP has climbed roughly 50 cents to $37.66 during recent trading.

(Be sure to adjust this option trading idea based on current pricing!)

Credit Spread/Bear Call Spread:

  • Sell the July 40 call
  • Buy the July 45 call
  • Net credit of $1.30 ($130 per lot) or better per spread

Profit/Loss Details

Maximum Profit: $1.30 (the credit collected). This excludes Click Herecommissions, though exit commissions will not be required if both calls expire worthless.

Maximum Risk: $3.70 (the difference between strikes minus the credit collected). Reward on risk is approximately 35%.

Breakeven: $41.30 (the strike of the lower call plus the premium collected).

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