This week’s MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast features Liz Ann Sonders, managing director and chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co.

In this episode – recorded from the floor of our Investment Masters Symposium Sarasota – Liz Ann expands on several of her key investment themes. Specifically, she explains why she calls this the “Temperamental Era” and what her “Rolling Recession” thesis means for investors. In short, the 2009-2020 period was the outlier...not the new norm...for the economy and markets, and investors need to adapt accordingly.

Liz Ann then pivots to her outlook for Federal Reserve policy in 2024, her take on the “Magnificent Seven” stock phenomenon, and why focusing on stock FACTORS (versus SECTORS) is so important. Finally, she discusses the emergence of geopolitical “blocs” and how they will influence markets over time – as well as why ACTIVE (rather than PASSIVE) investing will become more important in the years ahead.

Enjoy the segment – and I’ll be back in touch with my next podcast in a week!