Sponsored Content - Caliber Companies Inc. is creating exciting new waves within the investment community through the targeting of distressed real-estate opportunities that unlock the potential for attractive returns for its clients, says Chris Loeffler, CEO & co-founder, of Caliber.

Caliber removes the burden of owning, renovating, and selling core real estate by utilizing its “capital formation engine.” If you’re looking to optimize your portfolio with alternative investment options, then look to Caliber’s in-house, fully integrated real-estate experts in development, construction, design and sales.

Caliber was founded in 2009 during one of the worst financial crises in US history. Its 12-year track record of real-estate investments has generated a 21% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in assets under management (AUM) growth since 2016.

It’s one of the fastest-growing, award-winning real estate investment companies in the Southwest (SW) region of the US. Over the last four years, its real-estate portfolio has grown by over 186%. Caliber credits its growth to focusing on niche, middle-market real-estate investments in attractive markets like Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas.

Caliber believes the SW market offers the best supply-and-demand fundamentals, which are essential to its long-term value. With a diverse real-estate portfolio consisting of multi-family, hospitality, retail, land, self-storage, office, and single-family assets, Caliber manages over $440M in fair value assets under management and an estimated $550M in assets under development.

While there have been enormous challenges for businesses everywhere navigating COVID-19 and the global pandemic in 2020, Caliber is continuing to generate year-over-year growth in capital under management and total customer accounts. Additionally, it was again recognized as one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” by Inc. 5000 in 2020.

Are You an Accredited Investor?

There are over 12 million households in the US considered eligible to be accredited investors. Caliber’s focus on building wealth with middle-market alternative investment funds allows investors to diversify their portfolios with confidence.

As an investor, you can count on Caliber’s long-term track record, its mission of communication and transparency, and its expertise in real-estate investment practices to help you grow your wealth. Caliber offers multiple investment solutions from monthly income to aggressive growth, while also serving as one of the premier qualified opportunity zone fund sponsors in the Southwestern USA.

Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to tap into Caliber’s real-estate expertise in acquisitions, asset management, and its ability to sell, refinance, and reinvest.

Caliber is a fundamentally innovative, morally compelling company with a mission to help American communities grow and prosper. Caliber has a track record in evaluating projects, planning and the ability to pivot with evolving market conditions in order to generate the best possible returns. Overall, you can take clear advantage of their real estate and capital markets expertise and new market opportunities.

Now is the time to build your wealth and transform communities today with caliberco.com.