Volatility Steps Up According to the Stars

05/24/2019 9:10 am EST


Susan Gidel

Editor, Red Letter Trading Days

Astrological connections with the markets are simply another form of technical analysis, writes Susan Abbott Gidel, editor of the Red Letter Trading Days newsletter.

The planet that rules trading and communications, Mercury, helps kick off post-holiday trading with a bang as it becomes “out-of-bounds” on Monday, May 27. When a planet is out-of-bounds, it goes rogue and can behave erratically and unpredictably. Applied to trading, that translates into lots of news that swings sentiment wildly and results in increased volatility. Mercury remains out of bounds through June 17.

Be especially on lookout for big market swings on Thursday, May 30. That’s when already wild Mercury is opposite Jupiter in the sky, with Jupiter expanding those volatile Mercury tendencies.

The volatile theme continues on Friday, May 31 for the three markets noted below that could see a potential change in trend because of connections with the Moon (emotions) and Uranus (surprises). Next Friday, the Moon and Uranus will be together in the sky, either conjunct or opposite the Moon or Uranus in the first-trade horoscope charts of each market, a lineup that can indicate an increase in volatility.

The news about money and finances should be solid and positive approaching week’s end as the money planet Venus makes supportive aspects with Saturn on Friday at 11:26 am and Pluto on Sunday, June 2 at 11:42 pm EDT. Venus in its ruling sign of Taurus is all about making money, and its connections with Saturn and Pluto provide stability and power.

Friday, May 31

  • Low in Crude Oil: Prices could find a short-term low as the Sun in the sky makes its annual opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in the first-trade horoscope chart. At the same time, the transiting Moon and Uranus are opposite the first-trade Moon, which could result in a wild, emotion-filled session. Planetary price conversion support is at $57.20 per barrel and $56.80, then drops to $50.80. Resistance is a $60.90-$61.00. 
  • Low in Gold: The two planets most associated with previous lows in gold—the Sun and Venus—are both being activated by planets in the sky. Transiting Mars and Moon are aspecting the Sun, while transiting Venus is in an easy relationship with first-trade Venus. In addition, the Moon and Uranus are opposite the first-trade Uranus, which could bring sudden surprises. Look for support at the planetary price conversion area of $1269 per oz., with resistance at $1291, then $1328-$1330.  
  • High in Soybeans—This market’s first-trade Moon—one of the most significant markets for price highs—is being activated from two directions. Transiting Mercury (trading) is conjunct and transiting Jupiter (expansion) is opposite. Watch for a big-range, emotional trade. That theme is emphasized with transiting Moon and Uranus conjunct the soybean first-trade Uranus. Planetary price resistance is at $8.38 per bu., then $8.73-$8.75 and $8.87. Support is at $7.98, then $7.70.

Last Week’s Scorecard (through Thursday’s close)

Pretty Darn Good

  • High in Soybeans on Friday, May 17:The week’s high came Wednesday in July beans at $8.48 ¼ per bushel. But, Friday’s trade did open near the highs and closed 18¢ lower, at $8.21 ¾.
  • High in S&P 500 on Friday, May 17: The stock market topped on Thursday at 2892.15, with Friday’s high just 7 points lower at 2885.48. The end-of-cycle planetary price conversion area of 2863-2865 has held all closes since May 17.
  • High in Euro FX on Monday, May 20: The week’s high was a day later, at 1.12140, before the market tanked to 1.11265 on Thursday, May 23 on weak European economic data.
  • High in 10-year T-notes on Wednesday, May 22: Prices rallied on Wednesday, but the high was on Thursday at 125-07—right up against planetary price conversion resistance at 125-01 to 125-08.

 Off The Mark

  • Low in 10-year T-notes on Friday, May 17: Prices on Friday were mid-range between the swing high and low. The market topped on Wednesday, May 15 at 124-270 and bottomed on Tuesday, May 21 at 124-010.

The position of planets in the sky as they relate to their positions when a market first began trading can provide clues to potential trend changes. The energy is strongest on the days noted in this post, but it is not unusual for the effect to be seen a day or two either side. See “Market Analysis with Astrology” for further information.

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