Major Market Ranges for the Week of July 28

07/26/2019 12:43 pm EST


Trevor Smith

Commodity Trading Advisor,

Next week’s predicted major market ranges from Trevor Smith.

Next Week’s Predicted Ranges (Potential Near-Target Trades Relative to Friday’s Midday-Close)

E-mini S&P 500

High Range 3038-3028; Low Range 2983-2967.57

Buy 3015/3020 put spread weekly

Japanese Yen

High Range 9306-9280; Low Range 9216-9194

Short put spread 9225/9250 weekly

Euro FX

High Range 1.138-1.133; Low Range 1.127-1.121

Buy 1115/1117 call spread weekly


High Range $1445-$1427; Low Range $1408-$1395

Current: $1425/$1420 buy put spread weekly 

Existing: Short 1410/1415 call spread weekly/monthly= two profitable exits occurred already or held; Held last week’s: “Sell 1390/95 call spread monthly” either expires at loss or wins next week/Fri.

ever trade with more than one can throw away and not miss.

Crude Oil

High Range $5802-$5707; Low Range $5496-$5418

Buy $56/$5650 call spread weekly

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