Gold & Soybeans Neptune Connection

01/24/2020 9:48 am EST


Susan Gidel

Editor, Red Letter Trading Days

Next week look for a high in Gold and the euro early and a low in beans late, writes Susan Gidel.

Neptune, the planet associated with fogginess and inspired vision, is in the spotlight this week—particularly in the gold and soybean markets, where the week’s transits are connecting with their first-trade horoscope charts.

On Monday, Venus and Neptune are aligned in Neptune’s ruling sign of Pisces. This happens to be the sign in which Venus is “exalted,” where its every wish is its command. Their conjunction signifies potential for the funding of significant visionary projects, particularly if they are focused on humanitarianism. Indeed, Monday, Jan. 27 would be an excellent time to solicit charitable gifts as well.

The next day, however, Mars and Neptune make an exact square, signifying tension between making things you want to see get done actually happen. Once again, both planets are strong as each is in its ruling sign. Mars want to just go for it in terms of the vision, while Neptune wants to handle change more gradually.

These two connections also mean that Venus and Mars are 90 degrees apart, and that money matters might have an overall tension-filled tone.

Monday, Jan.  27

  • High in Euro FX: At the time of the Moon’s monthly alignment with the Euro FX first-trade Moon (a prominent player at highs), two other planets — Mars and Mercury — are making pleasant connections with the market’s natal Venus. Meanwhile the transiting Sun is at a 90-degree angle to natal Mercury. Look for resistance in nearby March at 1.1170.

Tuesday, Jan. 28

  • High in Gold: Three transiting planets—the Moon, Venus and Neptune—are aligned with the gold market’s first-trade Jupiter, an aspect often found at highs. However, other straight-line connections are happening, too: (1) Sun opposite the natal Moon; (2) Jupiter conjunct the natal Sun; (3) Mars conjunct natal Mars; (4) Saturn/Pluto conjunct natal Venus and (5) Uranus opposite natal Uranus. Look for resistance in nearby gold at $1,573 to $1,581 per oz. 

Thursday, Jan. 30

  • Low in Soybeans: The most important planets in the soybean first-trade chart to be activated at the time of a low—the Sun and Moon—have lots of action going on. For the Sun, the transiting Moon is opposite, the transiting Sun is 120 degrees away, and transiting Jupiter is 90 degrees away. Transiting Mars is exactly opposite the Moon (and also conjunct first-trade Jupiter) on one of two major axes. The second natal axis—Neptune opposite Saturn—sees transiting Neptune and Venus conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune. Look for support in March beans at $9.03 per bu., then $8.87.

Last Week’s Scorecard (through Thursday’s close)

Off the Mark

High in Crude Oil on Friday, Jan. 17: After closing at $58.31 per barrel in the March contract that Friday, prices peaked the next trading day (Jan. 21) at $59.77. Two days later, they were under $55.

The position of planets in the sky as they relate to their positions when a market first began trading can provide clues to potential trend changes. The energy is strongest on the days noted in this post, but it is not unusual for the effect to be seen a day or two either side. See backgrounder “Market Analysis with Astrology” for further information. 

Susan Gidel is editor of the Red Letter Trading Days newsletter.

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