Top Picks 2016: Qualcomm

01/19/2016 7:00 am EST


Gregg Early

Managing Director, Fresh Eyes Media

My Top Pick for conservative investors is the leading mobile chipmaker in the world; it has a patent library that is one of most valuable of any company on the planet, observes Gregg Early, executive editor of The Whaley Report.

In addition, Qualcomm (QCOM) has a patent library that is one of most valuable of any company on the planet.

The reason? It has received 3.5% to 5% royalty on the wholesale price of every mobile phone sold with its chipset inside.

And most phones—especially smartphones in the world today—have Qualcomm's chipset inside.

But problems in China—where the company derives about half its revenue—which sued the company on antitrust grounds, made it pay a nearly $1 billion fine, and renegotiated its royalty rate lower. Investors panicked.

But this is a great company that had a tough year. Its future is very bright in China and around the globe.

It's throwing off a solid 3.8% yield and has been beaten down to a bargain. It has plenty of upside in 2016.

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