Supreme Cannabis Launches 7ACRES, a Leading Brand of High-End Cannabis Flower in Canada

11/05/2018 4:50 pm EST


Navdeep Dhaliwal

CEO, The Supreme Cannabis Company

(Sponsored content) Supreme Cannabis is a Canadian company focused on the emerging legal cannabis industry. Our common shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol FIRE, a reference to our passion for the cannabis industry and the fire that burns within the company to be a leader in sustainable growth in the cannabis industry. We also trade on the OTCQX in the United States under the symbol SPRWF.

We’re pleased to announce that 7ACRES branded High-End Cannabis is now available coast-to-coast exclusively through Canada's provincially regulated adult-use channels.

The 7ACRES Jean Guy strain is now available online in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, with shipments heading to Manitoba in mid-November. The balance of 7ACRES full product lineup will be available shortly thereafter online and in Canadian brick-and-mortar stores.  

“In 2013 we started our journey to develop 7ACRES into Canada’s leading brand for premium cannabis flower, delivering on consumer expectations for aroma, visual appeal and flavor,” said John Fowler, president and founder of Supreme Cannabis. 

“We're now excited to make 7ACRES available to adult cannabis enthusiasts and consumers looking for a superior sensory experience when consuming cannabis. Our mantra at 7ACRES is respect the plant. We believe that by respecting the plant, the people who care for it and the people who ultimately consume it, we have built a culture of continual improvement where consumers can expect that each flower experience is better than the last."

“The 7ACRES flower is focused on pleasing three primary senses: aroma, visual appeal and flavor. Through an intensive phenotype selection-process, we selected our four core strains to maximize the objective and subjective quality across these three categories. Each strain provides a unique aromatic bouquet and visual presentation focused on pleasing the discerning palate of the cannabis enthusiast,” said Omer Azeez, VP Marketing at Supreme Cannabis. “With coast-to-coast distribution, 7ACRES’ High-End Cannabis is now a well-known brand of premium flower. As the consumer market continues to mature, we look forward to becoming an integral part of Canada's social rituals for authentic cannabis consumption.”

Supreme’s first investment in the cannabis sector was the Canadian licensed producer 7ACRES, one of the first 40 federally legal licensed producers in Canada. Supreme invested in 7ACRES due to its clear focus on building a core competency in scaled cannabis production, giving 7ACRES flexibility to maintain a leadership position in the industry as the Canadian market grows and matures.
As the cannabis industry matures, in Canada and abroad, Supreme will continue to seek out new opportunities in the sector to develop core competencies to grow our portfolio of companies and expand our ability to generate sustainable growth.

More information about 7ACRES and its products can be found at
For more information, contact investor relations at or 416-466-6265.

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