The Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool: NUAN, NKE, AA

05/25/2017 2:57 am EST


Stefanie Kammerman

Founder, Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer, here to tell you the Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool for May 24: NUAN, NKE and AA. And a recap of past Whisper performance UUP, CAT, X, XLE in my weekly Thursday video and transcript.

Before we talk about this week's Whisper. Let's talk about the week before, which I didn't do because I was presenting in Las Vegas for the MoneyShow. It was great to see so many of my traders there at the show. I apologize for not doing my Whisper last week for

If you recall I was really bullish on AK Steel Holding Corp. (AKS) I really like this guy above the $6 level. Starting to heat up. And today (May 24), she broke above the trend line you can see at $6 If she can break above $6.37, we're going to take another trade.

We were trading in my trading room United States Steel (X), phenomenal trade this week, and also Nucor (NUE), another phenomenal steel stock, $60, key level for that guy moving forward.

If you recall we spotted that massive print on a dollar ETF on PowerShares DB US Dollar Bullish ETF (UUP) May 10, you can see bullish above, bearish below. UUP had a huge move on the dollar. Many of my traders in my trading room were trading forex using that print.

Caterpillar (CAT) was a fantastic Whisper. If you recall, we were bullish above $100.21. It was above that level every single day. Little rain in my trading room, rocked this one all the way up to $105, it's a great trading range.

And the last stock we had our eye on was Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE). If you recall we were bullish above $68. This thing broke above $68.70, actually $68.87. Couldn't quite stay above that. I still would love it to break above $68.75 or $69 if she could do that there's a lot more room for the upside.

So, what are we watching this week? Well, I happened to spot a lot of Dark Pool prints, One huge, Nuance Communications (NUAN) 1.3 million, yesterday (May 23) I spotted it at $18.80. Hasn't moved yet. It's kind of stuck in this wedge. So, here's a trade: going to be bullish if NUAN can break above $19, I'm going to go long. However, if NUAN breaks below $18.50, I'm going to go short on this trade. So, definitely keep your eye, it's going to have a big move pretty soon.

I also have my eye on Nike (NKE). Cameron in my trading room really loves Nike and I gotta tell ya, I like it too. Here's what we're seeing, we're seeing seasonality, usually right in that last week of May it has a nice rally up and then a pullback. But guess what I spotted? I spotted huge prints yesterday (May 23) and today. Yesterday, there was a very large print, 500,000 at $52.45. Today there was a very huge print, 500,000 shares at $52.01. So, we are going to be bullish. I'm going to go long on this if Nike can close above $52.50 tomorrow (May 25) or the next day, so keep your eye on that level on Nike.

Alcoa (AA) has been phenomenal trade for me this month. If you listen to my Daily Whisper, I've been bullish on this from the beginning of May we spotted a huge print, almost a million share print at $30.55. It hit my second target today $34. You can see I've drawn my trend lines going all the way back. If Alcoa can break above $34 there is a ton of room on the upside so keep your eye on that.

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