The Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool: LVS, X, AGG

06/29/2017 2:57 am EST


Stefanie Kammerman

Founder, Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer, here to tell you the Whisper of the Week from the Dark Pool for June 28: LVS, X, and AGG. And a recap of past Whisper performance of ECA and RICE in my weekly Thursday video and transcript.

Before we get to this week’s Whisper, we have to talk about last week’s Whisper. Last week June 22 we spotted some enormous prints coming in on the oil and gas sector.

Encana (ECA) was the Whisper. We spotted a million shares coming into this one at $8.19 and $8.15. We were bullish above $8.20. You can see it’s been rallying today had a beautiful move today (June 28). A lot of my traders were trading this in my Trading Room.

Also Rice Energy (RICE). It’s had a fantastic move to the upside, also same sector. Had massive prints as well.

So, what are we watching this week? Well, I’ve got my eye on three different stocks.

Let’s start with the first one. Las Vegas Sands casino-hotel company. (LVS). Everybody loves Las Vegas Sands. We spotted a nice print today at $64.65. Actually, Ricky, my Options instructor in my Trading Room spotted this huge enormous activity going on in the July 7 call. Enormous volume came in, 847 contracts were bought today, only 29 open interest that means they’re opening up a position here $67. How are we going to trade this? Well, I love it I love it above the print. I’ll love it even more if LVS can close above the print at $65 and I’ll get out before those guys at $67.

Also, today, United States Steel (X). One of my traders, David, spotted a huge option trade as well on X. Let me just show you that one right here. Also in July, this July 21 call. $25 today.

Love (X). Love it above $22.50. Going to have $24, going to be my first target. Consolidating really nicely, volume’s coming in, about $24, could have a pullback, then another big run up to fill the gap.

Also, today, spotted enormous prints on iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG). I was tweeting like a maniac on my Dark Pool app.

Check out this tweet. Huge massive bond prints AGG 9 million, $109.88. Bullish above $110. Bearish below $109.50. Usually, big prints have a big splash.

If you’re interested in signing up to be a beta tester for my Dark Pool app, send me an email. Let me know if you’re Android or Apple.

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