The Weekly Whisper Video from the Dark Pool: Financial XLF and Kroger

12/21/2017 2:29 pm EST


Stefanie Kammerman

Founder, Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer, to tell you the Whisper of the Week:  Financial Sector Select SPDR Fund ETF  and retail grocer Kroger in my weekly Thursday video under six minutes and my transcript. And recaps of last week: GLD, IAU and USLV.

Before we get to this week’s Whisper, let’s talk about the last Whisper on Dec. 13, we had our eye on SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). We spotted big prints coming in on GLD at $117.57 and as you can see it’s been moving up. It’s also seasonality for gold starting Christmas.

And guess what we spotted the very next day on Dec. 14?

Massive prints on iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU), 6 million prints came in at $12.01 and it’s been moving up. Dec. 20 we got another 3 million at $12.14. So as long as we stay above these levels, we’re going to remain bullish on gold.

Also, VelocityShares 3X Long Silver ETN (USLV) has been moving up since we spotted millions and millions of buy prints coming in there as well.

So what are we watching this week?

Well, the tax bill as you all know, has passed but guess what we spotted today?

Massive prints on the Financial Sector Select SPDR Fund ETF (XLF). Eight million prints at $28.12 and you know what? We closed below it.

So I’m going to be bearish on financials as long as we stay below $28.12. That is the key level. If we close above that Dec. 21 or the next day, I’ll turn bullish. But you know what? You always want to keep the Dark Pool on the right side of your trade. So right now, they’re at $28.12 so we’re going to watch that level.

Also, Kroger (KR), the retail grocer. It had some unusually large prints. I posted it up on my Dark Pool app: 900,000 shares traded at $27.34. And we had another 500,000 shares traded at $27.25.

What I love about this is there’s a lot of room on the upside. Check out the weekly chart. I’m going to bring this in. We are above this 50-moving average and there’s a lot of room to go. There’s really no resistance in sight. As long as we stay above the print, I like to go one level up: $27.50 key level. If we can close above that, stay there. Above that, I love this.

Kroger stock explodes after defying notion Amazon is crushing grocer.

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Happy trading everybody!

Recorded: Dec. 20, 2017
Duration: 3:59

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