Master Limited Partnership Association

The National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships (formerly the Coalition of Publicly Traded Partnerships) is a trade association representing publicly traded ("master") limited partnerships and those who work with them. The Association is an outgrowth of an informal lobbying organization which was formed in 1983, and both the current Association and its predecessor have been highly successful in representing the interests of PTPs in Washington. The Association is open to all publicly traded limited partnerships (including those in registration and about to trade); general partners of PTPs; investment banking, law, and accounting firms who work with PTPs; and any otherbusiness which has a sufficient interest in the welfare of PTPs. Currently the Association's activities are focused on improving the federal tax treatment of PTPs; monitoring federal legislation for provisions affecting PTPs; monitoring and influencing Treasury and other agency regulations affecting PTPs; ensuring that state tax legislation and regulations do not adversely impact PTPs; and continuing efforts to increase understanding and acceptance of PTPs as an investment vehicle.

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