Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued exchange-traded receipts (ETRs) under its Canadian Gold Reserves (TSX: MNT/MNT.U) and Canadian Silver Reserves (TSX: MNS/MNS.U) programs, which provide holders with direct ownership of physical bullion held in custody of the Mint at its high security facilities. ETRs have embedded monthly Redemption rights for 99.99% pure Maple Leaf gold or silver 1 ounce coins, gold kilobars, 100 ounce silver bars and gold or silver London Good Delivery bars. Annual all-in Service Fees are 35 bps (0.35%) for gold and 45 bps for silver (0.45%). ETRs are eligible for all Canadian registered plan accounts. For more information about investing in ETRs, please visit or call 1-866-677-1477.