How to Always Be on the Right Side of the Market

Most investors grossly underperform the stock market. They listen to the analysts touting stocks, they scour the internet for clues about what will happen, they tend to buy good stocks—but at the wrong time, and then wonder why they lose money so often. The key to making market-beating profits in the stock market is really quite simple: just be on the right side of the market. Mike Turner, CEO of Turner Capital Investments LLC, will show you how to invest with blinders on. 


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Mike Turner
Turner Capital Investments, President and Professional Portfolio Manager
Mike Turner, president and chief portfolio manager of Turner Capital Investments, LLC, has a strong financial, mathematical, computer science, and engineering background. He takes a disciplined, rules-based approach to trading with the use of his unique "Market-Directional Trend-Based" investment methodology. Mr. Turner is the author of the widely read and popular books, 10: The Essential Rules for Beating the Market and Rule 1 for Investing: How to Always Be on the Right Side of the Market. He believes that buy-and-hold is one of the highest-risk investment strategies that investors follow. His approach is to keep his clients in strong, up-trending stocks and index ETFs in bull markets; switch to money market funds in transition markets; and invest client capital in technically strong, up-trending inverse ETFs in bear markets. With this approach, Turner Capital clients enjoy growing their capital in both bull and bear markets; and remain safely on the side-lines in high-risk transition markets.


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:23:25 Duration
  • When the market is moving higher, own great stocks with strong upward momentum.
  • When the market is moving lower, own ETFs that will move higher as the market moves lower.
  • When the market gets to be overbought or oversold, adjust your exit strategies to take advantage of the current conditions.
  • How Mike’s proprietary algorithms filter out the noise that overwhelms most investors each day.
  • How to make substantial profits in the stock market by following just one rule: Always be on the right side of the stock market.
  • Review of charts that told Mike when to get out at the tops in and when to get back in the markets in 2020.

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