Covid-19 Creates Biotech Renaissance

John McCamant, Medical Technology Stock Letter, Editor

The biotech industry has answered the call and Covid-19 vaccines have advanced 10 years in 10 months just when the world needed a medical miracle most. The search for Covid-19 treatments has also accelerated new biotech drug development. Learn from John McCamant, editor of Medical Technology Stock Letter, about the exciting investment opportunities in this sector. Biotech is now poised to cure diseases, not just treat symptoms. Be sure to join John McCamant for this MoneyMastersSM course to discover how!


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:38:24 Duration
  • Why invest in biotech now?
  • Convergence of technologies: biotech and high tech
  • Learn how to identify best-in-class biotech drugs that will lead to huge winners
  • Biotech investing is the perfect nexus of wealth, health, and technology
  • Covid-19 investment opportunities still exist
  • Treatments, vaccines, and diagnostic tools in the pipeline
  • Vaccines have dramatically advanced 10 years of development in 10 months

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John McCamant
Medical Technology Stock Letter, Editor

John McCamant joined the leading investment newsletter, Medical Technology Stock Letter, as an associate editor in 1987 and was named editor in August 2000. He has spent over 35 years on the front lines of biotechnology investing. In his previous role as an equities analyst for the American Healthcare fund, Mr. McCamant uncovered investment opportunities and guided investment strategy.

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