Day & Swing Trader's Guide to Profiting in Any Market

Harry Boxer,, Author

In this MoneyMastersSM Class, renowned technical analyst and author of The Technical Trader, Harry Boxer will share the strategies he's used in almost half a century of charting the markets. Join Harry as he demonstrates his time-tested strategies and learn from this 50-year veteran trader and technical analyst, and author of the highly acclaimed Profitable Day & Swing Trading, noted by Stock Traders' Almanac as the 2015 Best Investment Book of the Year.


Course Content

4 Chapters • 1:57:15 Duration
This section will cover analyzing patterns from the previous day, as well as pre-market news and price/volume percent gainers.
With the vast majority of intraday day-tradable patterns initiated at or very close to the opening of trading, Harry will show you how to closely analyze the first 15-30 minutes of pattern and related volume development to recognize what stocks may be excellent day trades or at least strong early scalp plays.
Harry will show you how he continuously draws and monitors/updates throughout the session his trend lines, channels, and important developing continuation patterns such as flags, pennants, and coils, in addition to adding support and resistance lines for targeting purposes.
Harry will discuss the channel patterns and charting time frames that help in determining when to extend to a swing, plus his key rules for swing traders.

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Harry Boxer, Author
Harry Boxer is author of, a real-time diary of his trading ideas and market analysis. He has more than 50 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms. Mr. Boxer was the winner of the 1995 and 1996 worldwide internet stock-market trading contest, The Technical Analysis Challenge.

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