How to Trade ETF Breakouts

Ken Calhoun,, President

Join Ken Calhoun, president of, for this two-hour MoneyMastersSM course where you will learn specific breakout trading patterns, trade management tips, and useful strategies in this easy-to-follow training session. You'll discover step-by-step professional trading strategies to help you know exactly which charts are best for swing & day trading and how to trade them the right way. Designed for both day and swing traders, Ken will share valuable “lessons learned” from hundreds of real money trades.


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:57:00 Duration
  • Types of ETFs: oil/gold (USO, GDX)/commodity, index (SPY, QQQ), leveraged (TQQQ, TZA, SDOW), plus TAN and UVXY.
  • How to recognize strong breakout patterns for swing and intraday trading.
  • Top candlestick patterns and trade setups for entering and exiting your positions.
  • How you decide what exact prices to enter your trades at, explained with straightforward, clear chart signals.
  • Risk management tips for setting stops as well as scaling into winning trades.
  • How to avoid false breakouts when trading ETFs.
  • Careful tactics for setting buy-stop entries that minimize false breakouts
  • Trading strategies for identifying emerging breakouts ahead of time using the “acceleration ramp“ visual chart pattern.
  • Easy-to-follow directions for managing multiple trade entries to leverage your trades for maximum profit potential (and how to scale in to winning entries).

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Ken Calhoun, President
Popular trading professional Ken Calhoun is a former corporate statistician, quality engineer, and Fortune-500 consultant. He brings a wealth of professional real-money trading experience to the markets and has traded over $4 million in equity trades in a single year. Mr. Calhoun is a graduate of UCLA and has been featured in CBS, MarketWatch, TheStreet, Fidelity, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, and MoneyShow events.

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