How to Identify Trends for Maximum Profits in 60 Minutes a Week

Zaheer Anwari,, Co-Founder

Everyone knows about trends, but budding investors struggle to identify them and translate their analysis into profit. In this two-hour MoneyMasters class, Zaheer Anwari, co-founder of, will break down his proven trend-following investment process. Learn the formula he always follows: Invest in the right stocks at the right time using the right strategy. It is simple, repeatable, and lucrative!

Course Content

5 Chapters • 2:01:36 Duration
  • Dealing with the number one challenge
  • Reverse engineering the process for maximum returns
  • Trends, sectors and moving with the flow of money
  • The superiority of technical analysis over fundamental analysis
  • Avoiding a classic mistake 
  • Establishing high-probability environments
  • Preparing for both bull and bear markets
  • How to outperform that market
  • Why scanning for stocks is essential
  • The power of the right investor toolkit
  • My 2-tier scanning process
  • Defining a proven edge
  • Live analysis of high-probability stocks
  • Analysis v Investing - why you need both skills
  • Building a trend-following strategy
  • A risk management framework
  • The real secret sauce to growth - Compounding
  • The investor mindset and what it actually is
  • Always be stacking the odds in your favor
  • The importance of choosing the right broker
  • Your investing routine
  • Your next steps
  • Q&A

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Zaheer Anwari, Co-Founder
Zaheer Anwari has been trend following since 2007 and averages 30%+ per annum. He is the co-founder of, a global community specializing in helping CEOs and high-salary earners get consistent returns in the stock market using a proven strategy in 60 minutes a week. Sublime Trading has combined the timeless approach of trend following and technical analysis with cutting-edge technology to seamlessly cherry-pick and invest in the best stocks, commodities, and currencies. Sublime Trading's blueprint has been refined for today's financial markets, empowering their community members with consistent returns in minutes a week.  

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