Disinherit the IRS: Post-2020 Election Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies

The American dream—work hard, play by the rules, and achieve prosperity—is threatened by the unjust burden the government plans to place on your estate and family, as well as the litigious times we live in. Join David T. Phillips, best-selling author of Estate Planning Made Easy; Richard Durfee, author of Your IRA: Asset or Ambush, and Todd Phillips, author of The Future of Retirement Savings, as they teach you how to keep your wealth in the family and disinherit the IRS!


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Rick Durfee
Durfee Law Group, PLLC, Principal and Founder
David Phillips
Estate Planning Specialists, Inc., CEO
Todd Phillips
Estate Planning Specialists, Inc., President


Course Content

3 Chapters • 2:01:44 Duration
  • The rules with regard to estate planning, income-tax planning, and asset protection as they stand now and how they will change under the Biden Administration.
  • The best opportunities in estate planning under current law that will allow you to keep your wealth in the family.
  • The true financial impact of the SECURE Act to your family.
  • How to let someone else pay the tax when converting your IRA/401k.
  • How to optimize your IRA Roth conversion and achieve zero income taxes by 2025.
  • Integrating IRAs with your trust under new rules.
  • How to avoid paying capital-gains taxes on your appreciated assets that you want to sell.
  • The reasons behind the growing trend for multi-generation dynasty estate planning.
  • Jurisdictional diversification: multi-state advantages, jurisdiction independence, offshore & onshore pros and cons.
  • Wealth protection strategies that will ensure you never run out of money.

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