How Do Institutional Traders Think, Trade, and Manage Risk?

Daniel Gramza, Gramza Capital Management, Inc., President

What clues are institutional traders looking for as the market unfolds around the clock? How do institutional traders position themselves when they will receive the trading book from another time zone? Do they follow the futures markets? How does the institutional trader deal with risk? What trading tools do they use?


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:59:30 Duration
  • Who are the market makers and what is their role in the markets?
  • Learn how international institutional market making works and the trading-decision process institutions use.
  • Find out how institutional traders maximize their capital and minimize their risk.
  • Gain insights into the institutions that influence the markets you trade.
  • Learn the techniques Dan teaches institutional traders using his proprietary behavioral Japanese candle analysis approach and multi-time-zone market profile.
  • Dan will finish by using current markets to demonstrate these techniques.

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Daniel Gramza
Gramza Capital Management, Inc., President
Dan Gramza is president of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. Mr. Gramza is a trader, international institutional consultant, and author of the book Trading in the Eye of the Storm. Often quoted in media worldwide, his commentary is viewed in over 150 countries. Mr. Gramza has presented courses to traders from over 37 exchanges, 450 institutions, four regulators, and 35 countries. He provides free daily commentary on 22 markets on his website.

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