Why My Strategy Achieved Superior Returns and How You Can, Too

Mike Adams, Adams Financial Concepts, LLC, President and Principal

A 1% increase in annual performance over 25 years will result in a nest egg that is over 20% greater. Think of what 3% or 4% or 5% in annual performance can do for your portfolio over 25 years. Mike Adams, president, Adams Financial Concepts, LLC, is no stranger to long-term investments. Not only has he managed securities portfolios since the last century, he and his wife have been married over 40 years. He has used his approach for over 30 years and will detail how this strategy has outperformed the S&P 500.


Course Content

5 Chapters • 1:43:28 Duration
  • 1870-1913 Industrialization of US
  • 1945-1979 Rebuilding Europe, US infrastructure, education, etc.
  • 2009-2030+ Emerging nations
    • 93% of world’s middle class in emerging nations by 2030
    • That is the huge market opportunity
  • Great companies will see half or more growth overseas
  • The French educational system and impact on investing
  • The communist central government management system and impact on investing
  • How I get international exposure without investing internationally
  • Impact on value investing
  • New disruptive companies changing economy
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle

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Mike Adams
Adams Financial Concepts, LLC, President and Principal
A. Michael "Mike" Adams has been managing client portfolios with a focus on superior returns for over 30 years. He holds a Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon and a BA from Oregon State University. Mr. Adams is very active in the Seattle area, serving on various boards and volunteering his expertise. He formed Adams Financial Concepts, LLC in 2005, and has published a verifiable track-record of performance for the last 17 years.

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