Following the Big Money: The Best Indicator for Finding Outlier Stocks

Jason Bodner,, Co-Founder

Lucas Downey,, Co-Founder

Wall Street's Big Money accounts for nearly three quarters of all stock-trading activity every single day. Yet those trades go unnoticed by 99% of individual investors. Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey, co-founders of, worked on Wall Street, handling a lot of those big orders for some of the largest pension funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds in the country. They will show you how buying and selling pressure ultimately dictates where stock prices go, and why supply and demand is all that matters.

Course Content

5 Chapters • 1:19:16 Duration
This section explains that stock prices aren’t random. The footprints of institutional investors give a huge long-term edge.
  • Supply and demand 101
  • Understanding how institutions trade stocks
You’ve heard that the trend is your friend. The trend of Big Money is what you’ll need to recognize.
  • Big Money Index
  • Big Money ETF Index
Outlier stocks have certain characteristics. Jason and Lucas will go into the two main qualities that great companies tend to have.
  • Sales characteristics to look for
  • Earnings characteristics to look for
Jason and Lucas will go over examples of historical outliers.
  • What qualities did they have?
  • What can you learn from those growth patterns?
This section will outline a couple of recent outliers.
  • What industries can investors expect the next crop of outliers to reside in?
  • How can you do this process at home to better your long-term success?

At the end of this course, you will be able to identify outperforming outlier stocks with unusual institutional trading that could be part of your winning portfolio.

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Jason Bodner, Co-Founder
Lucas Downey, Co-Founder

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