Learn My Two-Ply Egyptian Cotton Strategy

Oliver Velez is one of the world's most respected and celebrated traders of all time. In this first-ever MoneyMasters course, the man dubbed by Dow Jones as the Messiah of Trading, will reveal his coveted two-ply Egyptian cotton strategy to help you improve your trading gains and have you pulling money out of the market each and every day.


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Oliver Velez
iFundTraders, Chief Trading Officer and CEO
Oliver L. Velez, speaker at the 1st TradersEXPO, one of the most-watched MoneyShow experts, international bestselling author, world-renowned trader, entrepreneur, and is one of the world's most respected and celebrated traders of all time. In 1999, Dow Jones dubbed him the Messiah of Trading. Today, Mr. Velez continues to be defined as one of the most influential leaders of his generation. Building on his unmatched track record as the only individual invited back as a keynote speaker three times over the last several decades, his legacy of stardom extends beyond the trading world. There may be many opportunities presented to you, but this one will be conducted by one of the top trading minds of all time. Don't miss it!

Course Content

2 Chapters • 2:12:40 Duration
  • Support & Resistance: An Age-old Concept
  • The Tools of Support & Resistance
  • How Each Tool Produces Support & Resistance
  • Oliver’s Dual-Layer Approach to Support & Resistance
  • Oliver’s Clearing Event Technique
  • What We Need to Profit
  • Putting it All Together

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